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Day Four of the Father Robyn Gwyn sex abuse trial begins today.  I had to leave early so not sure of start time – I think it may be 09:30 am again to try to make up for lost time.  If not 09:30 am, it will be 10 am.


04 August 2016:  09:30 or 10 am, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 5 Court Street, Kingston

And here is Sue Yanagisawa’s coverage from yesterday:

03 August 2016:  ‘I never chose to be here,’ man testifies

Please note the comment I posted at the foot of the article.

And, a few other bits and pieces to pass along:

(1)  Danny tied to commit suicide “many” times.  He mentioned that he tried to hang himself once, and ended up with a broken leg and broken arm.

(2)  Gwyn took Danny to the movies several times.  According to Danny, Gwyn would ‘touch’ him on and off throughout the movie

(3)  When Gwyn bougth Danny a new pair of sweat pants he accompanied the boy into the change room and, while the boy was in his undies,  started ‘touching’ him.

(4)  The reference to Gwyn comparing his penis to the Body of Christ was an incident of oral sex in the garage.  According to Danny,  Gwyn told him it was okay to do that, and that there wouldn’t be any consequences from a Heaven or Hell perspective

(5)  There was a specific incident in the basement where Gwyn stuck his finger in the boy’s rectum (It is with the greatest of difficulty that Danny discloses this and all other testimony related to the specifics about the sexual abuse.  Often there is a prolonged silence before he manged to respond.  Usually his head is down, and often his head is in his hand or hands.   At one point he  literally doubled over and began sobbing. )

(6)  Father Gwyn was ordained in 1988.  The dates and timelines of what happened are still fuzzy, but I’m getting the impression that  Danny was being molested by Gwyn both before and after Gwyn’s ordination?

(7)  When Danny’s mother would head out to do whatever she did when she was on drugs she sometimes left Danny locked in a  closet, and on occasion would tie him to a bed.  He testified that on at least one occasion he was tied  to the bed for three days.

(8)  I believe it was on Tuesday that Dabby testified Gwyn would sometimes ‘dry hump’ him.

(9) The last time Danny exited the witness stand yesterday he strode out – looked directly at Father Gwyn, and said:  “You can go to Hell you F&*%** B&%*S .”  Thankfully [people were able to talk Danny into returning.  Truly the last place Danny wants to be is in that courtroom.

(10) I missed about two hours of testimony yesterday – not sure if cross-examination has wrapped up or not.  I hope and pray that it has.

It’s impossible to cover everything, but  hopefully that will give an idea of what’s being said and happening in the courtroom.  As I said, there is still confusion, at least for me, regarding timelines.  These things often fall into place when other witnesses testify.

Please keep Danny in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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