Stay strong “Danny”

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Day Two of the Father Robyn Gwyn sex abuse trial is over.  A truly rough day for “Danny.” (due to a publication ban on the name of the complainant I have opted to refer to him as “Danny.”).

I have said before and will say again, I truly wish everyone could sit in the courtroom and hear and see with their own eyes and ears what has happened over the past two days.  Not only that, I wish every single bishop in Canada was obliged to sit through this trial from start to finish.

Wishful thinking I suppose, but I swear to goodness if people truly understood what happens to these children who are sexually abused by a priest they would start to understand why this crime is so terribly abhorrent, the long term  impact impacts ont he child, and would, as Catholics, insist that every priest who has ever laid a wayward hand on a child be defrocked.

As I say, it was a rough day for Danny. Really rough.  He departed the witness stand and walked out of the courtroom twice, but, hats off to him, he came back.  And, hats off to him, he is doing really well on the witness stand. Really well.  I think he was probably well through cross-examination when I had to leave.  I don’t know whether that wrapped up or not.  I hope and pray that it did.

I am about to have a bite to eat: will give details later.

Stay strong Danny.  Stay strong.  You are doing so well.  Just, stay strong.

Until then, please, everyone, keep Danny in your thoughts and prayers.  He needs them.

Enough for now,


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