Trouble for the Cardinal

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I don’t know what’s happening, but this summer is turning into a busy time.  Lots happening, both with Sylvia’s Site and the regular business of family life, with big birthdays,  anniversaries and so on  🙂

I am awaiting call backs on two court-dates, Donald Grecco and Jessica Beraldin.  As soon as I have news I will post.


As anticipated, Father Joe LeClair entered a guilty plea to his impaired driving charged:

26 July 2016:  Priest pleads guilty to drunk driving

Bad enough Father was using the pulit at St. Joseph’s in uelph to talk about his time in jail, now news that he into high-schools talking about his addiction problems.  For those who think this is wonderful, I’m sorry,  I  personally believe it is highly inappropriate.

Anyway, no driving for a year for Father Joe.


Trouble for Cardinal George Pell, again.  Big trouble:

28 July 2016:  “George Pell sex files: police sought advice from prosecutors” & related articles  

27 July 2016:  “Cardinal George Pell ‘facing sex abuse charges after two men claim he groped them at a pool in 1970s’” & related articles 

27 July 2016:  George Pell: The swimming pool allegations

Remember when he said he was unable to return to Australia to testify at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse?  Well, do you think there is a remote possibility that he was sacred to death if he returned that he would be arrested if he set foot on Australian soil?

Remember too that Pell was under investigation back in 2002 – an ‘internal ‘ inquiry into allegations dating back to his days as a seminarian?  The judge believed both the complainant and Pell, and, in the end that mean that Cardinal Pell (the Archbishop) was cleared)

So, now there are more allegations.  The police have been investigating for a year and must now decide whether or not to lay charges.

The Cardinal has been vociferous in his denials.

We shall see..  Please keep the complainants and witnesses in your prayers.


And then there’s this:

25 July 2016:  Mountain Home priest accused of rape free without bond 

The parishioners flocking to Father Victor Jagerstatter’s defence.

I swear I will never understand.  Surely by now Catholics know that there is scarce a priest who has been charged and convicted who was not loved,  admired and respected by many trusting Catholics?   Those people know no more about what their parish priest was up to in the middle of the night than I do, and we all know less about what happened that night than the police and prosecutors do.

Enough for now,


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