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There are a number of bits and pieces of information which I have been wanting to pass along to you, and included are some questions  I hope some of you can help me answer.  . Here we go, along with a few questions:

(1)  Father Douglas Stamp (Redemptorist priest)

I have been told but not confirmed that convicted Redemptorist molester Father Douglas Stamp was laicized and continues to practice canon law.

Raised in Newfoundland, Stamp, the former Chancellor of the Diocese of St. John Newfoundland,  spent weekends in jail for three months after a guilty plea to sex abuse of two 12-year-old boys in Peterborough, Ontario in the late 70s and early 80s.

In Spring 2002 resigned his position as Chaplain at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario after Catholics learned that he was a convicted child molester.

Stamp alleges that he was sexually abused by Father James Hickey.

If anyone has any further information regarding Douglas Stamp please pass it along.

(2)  Father Joe LeClair (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

Below is a link to the parish bulletin for the week of 12 June 2016 (commencing Sunday 12 June) ,  Father LeClair was charged 25 May 2016.

LeClair 12 June 2016 St. Joseph Bulletin CWL evening with Father Joe highlighted


Evening of Spirituality,Tuesday, June 14th with Mass at 6:30pm,

followed by dinner at 7:30pm. Tickets $18 at the Parish Office or

Helen Synnott 519-xxx-xxxx.

Don’t miss this!!!

Did the evening of spirituality proceed?  Does anyone know?

(3)  Father Barry McGrory (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

Convicted child molester Father Barry McGrory was a member of the  Columbian Squires (Unity Circle No. 55)

29 September 1949: Barry McGrory elected Notary of Unity Circle No. 55, Columbian Squires, Ottawa

26 September 1949:  Barry McGrory member of Unity Circle No. 55, Columbian Squires, Ottawa

There is reference in both articles to Grand Knight “M.J. Beahen.”  I wondered initially if that might be the clerical molester we know as Bishop Beahen, but after a bit of checking decided probably not.  Bishop Beahen was “John M. Beahen”  therefore initials “J.M.”    But, more to the point, Bishop Beahen was ordained to the priesthood in 1946.  As far as I can tell the Ottawa Journal always referred to priests as  “Rev.”  or Monsignor.

Just out of sheer curiosity, does anyone know what relationship, if any, existed between  that former Grand Knight and Bishop John Beahen ?

(4) Monsignor Kenneth Steffen

(Monsignor Steffen was – and perhaps still is – a homosexual partner of Monsignor John Renken. Renken has been teaching Canon Law at Ottawa’s Saint Paul University since shortly after he was run out of Springfield Illinois.  I have received reports as recently as last year of Monsignor Renken visiting and staying with Steffens at Sts. Peter and Paul.)

I received word a week ago that Monsignor Steffen was given one hour to vacate the rectory at St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in Alton, Illinois.  He is said to be under investigation by a priest from Springfield.  There are allegations of homosexual activity, theft and harassment.

Note the following two parish bulletins:

12 June 2016:  Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church bulletin (Scroll to second page(scroll to second page:  Note “Pastor:  Monsignor Kenneth Steffen)

19 June 2016:  Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Church bulletin(scroll to second page:  Note “Parochial Administrator Fr. Jeffrey Goeckner)

A reminder here that in the past both Monsignors Renken and Steffens were in trouble because of what was delicately termed “personal and ministerial misconduct.” There were also allegations of “improper financial activities” and using computers and the Internet “in a manner inconsistent with the mission of the church.”

If anyone hears any news regarding Monsignor Steffens please pass it along.

(5)  Father Victor Phelan

In 2013 a lawsuit was settled in the States related to the sexual abuse of boys by a Father Victor Phelan, a priest with an order of priests commonly referenced as the “White Fathers.”

Does anyone recall Victor Phelan being at Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa in the late 60s?

Phelan was ordained in 1971, so I’m not sure in what capacity he was at Blessed Sacrament, but I do have someone telling me that he was there.

Any and all help appreciated.


Mike Fitzgerald sent a a very good letter to Bishop Michael Mulhall this past April .  The letter will be posted this evening or tomorrow.  I will also be posting a statement made by Geraldine Mahoney regarding the abuse her dear husband Patty – may he rest in peace – endured at the hands of Father Henry Maloney.


The civil Mount Cashel trial  continues in Newfoundland.  This is the battle over whether or not the Archdiocese of St. John’s will beheld accountable in a class action lawsuit for the horrors which transpired at the Mount Cashel orphanage ,  Here are two new articles posted today:

21 June 2016:  Orphanage Santa dies; was American serviceman stationed in NL  (RC Scandal/Mount Cashel)

22 June 2016:    “John Does consistent in not lying: psychologist” & related article 

Enough for now,


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