Squire molester

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It’s taken a while, but I think I have finally rounded up as much information as I can regarding the conviction of Ottawa’s Steve Fagan.

Fagan, a layman and former adult leader of the Our Lady of Fatima (OLF) Columbian Squires circle, sexually abused a 14-year old Squire in the summer of 1984, during the weekend of Father Paul Hamilton‘s ordination in Kingston, Ontario.  The victim had travelled to Kingston for the occasion from another corner of the province.  Fagan and a group from the OLF Squires travelled from Ottawa.

As you can see on the page, Father Paul Hamilton was an active member of the OLF Squires while he was pursing studied for the priesthood in Ottawa.  Ditto his good friend Father Michael Reed., who was ordained two years earlier .

And, as you can also see, the leader of the OLF group was Father Stephen Hill –
and, Father Hill, ordained 1978, was a late vocation to the priesthood,   a former teacher at St. Pius X High School, a very good friend of and former secretary to  Bishop John Beahen, an active member of the Knights of Columbus, canon lawyer and past president of the Canadian Canon Law Society ,

Both Father Stephen Hill and Steve Fagan held leadership roles with the provincial board of the Ontario Squires.

Father Hill died February 1999.  At the funeral (St. Patrick’s in Ottawa) Father Paul Hamilton sang/chanted from the old pulpit a strange repetitive  refrain  –  “Out of the darkness and into the light.”

Google “Columbian Squires”  to learn more about them.  I find that they are routinely described as “an international youth fraternity run by the Knights of Columbus for Catholic boys between the ages of 10 and 18.”

In researching I found that Barry McGrory was a member of the Squires way back when.  I will post the article later, along with an update on Father Douglas Stamp and some news regarding Father Kenneth Steffen in the States.

Enough for now.


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7 Responses to Squire molester

  1. Geenda says:

    This is what I mean when I say they were all in on it…they all protected each other and allowed it to happen… I just can’t seem to get over the idea that they knew about it and covertly allowed it to happen at the highest levels. I need to know WHY? It can’t be that so many were that cunning, devious and evil? I must be missing something? Were children’s lives that meaningless to them or did they just not care about us? I wish someone could explain it to me…

  2. Sylvia says:

    What I see Geenda is the semblance of “rings.” I don’t think that every Squire’s circle was/is a breeding ground for the likes of Steve Fagan, but, for those who might share his perverted inklings, what a great place to be. Boys as young as 10 and as old as 18.

    I must say that I found putting the pieces together on this extremely disturbing.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Yes, Sylvia, this is a type of sad story that has been lived out many, many times in the Archdiocese of Ottawa, the Diocese of Gatineau, Kingston, Cornwall, Pembroke, Peterboro, etc.
      It is very difficult to be a Catholic these days, and not have difficulty with forgiveness, and to be soured on our Church.
      We must remember GOD wins in the end- even though it seems these perverts are in control.
      Keep up the good work, and root them out, one pervert Priest at a time. GOD Bless you !

      • 1 abandoned sheep says:

        And, Sylvia, I should have added that I know the enablers, those who covered up, and those who stayed quiet about this abuse will also answer to GOD for their parts in the abuse.
        Presently, I would include the Bishops and Archbishops of those jurisdictions I mentioned. They are not leaders, they are all cowards and complicit in the wrongdoing. The MILLSTONES for them will not fit inside their swank residences, or the planes they fly around on so much. Maybe they should have a picture on the Diocese web site of what a millstone looks like, along with all of the pictures of themselves.
        I know there was a movie called the Silence of the Lambs- but, I hope the next expose will be called the Betrayal of all THOSE BISHOPS.

        • 1 abandoned sheep says:

          Sylvia, I have done a lot of musing since my last post, and the following popped up.
          Until , and unless, the Bishops of the Catholic Church in Canada at least own up to their abysmal failings as Shepherds, and are guilty of betrayal of trust in so far as the abused youth in the Church- it is time to start referring to each and everyone of them as JUDAS ! Such as Archbishop Judas Prendergast, Bishop Judas Mullhall, Archbishop Judas O,Brien, etc.
          They seem to cling to their titles as insurance they will not be questioned.
          What will they do if EVERYONE referred to them as JUDAS ?
          They certainly will not blog about that on the Diocesan web page.

  3. Mac says:

    I was surprised to hear that Fagan’s victim was from another part of Ontario. I assumed it came from the group in Ottawa.

    I was in Squires at OLF and remember that word got out amongst the youth to be careful of Fagan. I vaguely recall hearing about him messaging a youth’s leg in a hotel room.

    As Squires we had travelled to London and Burlington on conventiond and a trip to an ordination in Belleville. It was on one of the trips that I was a very rambunctious youth and probably difficult to deal with. What I remember is Fagan hitting me very hard across my cheek with an open hand. I remember looking at my face in the mirror at the hotel room’s bathroom and seeing redness on my face from the strike.

    Years later I was at an event at St. Pius X High School (1998?). Fagan was at the same event and approached me to make small chat, meanwhile I remember is him slapping my face.

    On reflection I feel fortunate that I waa regarded at Squires as more or less as square peg as both Hill and Fagan were indifferent to me.

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