No charges laid

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Father Joe LeClair has a court date this morning on his impaired, over 80 and having open liquor charges:

14 June 2016:  09:30 am, first appearance, 36 Wyndham Street South, Guelph, Ontario

I encourage those who can attend to do so.

Usually the accused will be present in court to answer to the charges on a first appearance, however I have seen instances in which a deal is worked out whereby the accused does not have to appear.

Please pass on news of or links to media coverage of the outcome.


Bob Jensen has kindly posted an audio to his chillingly insightful  poem ” A Heavy Millstone.”   Here is a link to the audio:


Thank you Bob.  Thank you.

A suggestion to readers…

I think our bishops could benefit by reading the poem?  Here is a list of contact information for most of the bishops in Canada.


The following article regarding Father Barry McGrory  was posted on Friday:

10 June 2016:  Women demand police re-open investigation into Ottawa priest with history of sex abuse

Indeed.  No charges laid.

How many time did we hear that at the Cornwall Public Inquiry? Help me out.

I know for fact that former school teacher Marcel Lalonde was reported to police by no less than six complainants 1989 :  no charges!  CAS was not notified.  The school where Lalonde taught was not notified.  Nothing!

Lalonde is currently before the courts.  Trial date is set for December 2016.  The complainant in this case alleges he was sexually abused by Lalonde in the Fall of 1989.

Since that ‘botched’ 1989 police investigation Lalonde had been charged and convicted no less than three times.  He is now facing his fourth set of charges.

As little time as I had for the Cornwall Public Inquiry I will admit that what it did do, amongst other things, was expose a number of instances in which charges were not laid when they should have been laid.  It does happen. It certainly does.  Whether through incompetence, negligence, lack of staff and/or cover-up, it happens.

I pray that justice will finally be done for these victims of Father Barry McGrory.


The Mount Cashel civil trial in St. John’s Newfoundland continues.  I will post yesterday’s coverage.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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