What a farce!!!

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I have received word from a reliable source that thrice convicted former residential school supervisor Paul Leroux has been granted day parole and will be on full parole in July of this year.

You may recall that the self-represented and defiant Leroux, who sexually abused a number of boys at the Grollier Hall residential school in Inuvik,  was mostly recently convicted (2013) for sexually abusing boys at the Beauval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan.  In December 2013 was sentenced to three years. He was out on day parole in 10 months, and on full parole after serving one year.

However, in May 2015, in response to an appeal filed by the  Crown, Leroux’s sentence was increased to eight years.  Back to jail he went. (Leroux had also filed an appeal, and as a result one of his convictions was overturned, however, overturned or no, the decision on the Crown’s appeal sent him back to jail! )

Now this!

Can you believe it?  Leroux’ sentence was increased by five years, and yet, a measly few months later he is out on day parole, and next month will be on full parole.

What a lark!!!

What a farce!!!

Has anyone seen any media coverage?  If  you do, please either post a link or pass it along.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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2 Responses to What a farce!!!

  1. Just another victim says:

    Well it seems it is true CBC is reporting that Paul Leroux has in fact been granted day parole and will do so as soon as it can be arranged. He will be eligible for full parole in July. The indication is he has served 1/3 of his sentence and thus he is eligible and is considered a “low” risk to reoffend.

    I feel for each and every one of his victims. The crown appealed successfully last year to have his sentence increased by 5 years instead he spends less than 1/5 of that behind bars.

    They say he is still in denial about the Saskatchewan offences, that was certainly evident at the court of appeal hearing and it seems nothing has changed. So the question is if he is in denial why is he being released?



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