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I’ve been phoning a court house every day for past week to confirm that a certain priest we know has been charged with impaired driving.  The issue at hand is the court house has to wait for the police to send the information to the courthouse before it’s on the courthouse files. I just called again.   It’s still not there!

As I said before, I am 99.9999% sure it is who I think it is, but there is a minor issue regarding birthdate and age which I need to sort out.

So,  back on the phone again tomorrow 🙁


For those who were anxious to see the documentary on the Rosminians (“Abused – Breaking the Silence [Rosminian abuse of boys at schools in England and Tanzania]”)which was once posted on Sylvia’s Site, Jan Sterenborg has acquired and kindly posted a copy which can be viewed by clicking the following link:

I haven’t had opportunity to watch it yet but think it is probably not the version which was broadcast in Canada by CBC – the one addressing the five victims who are Canadian.   Hopefully Wayne  will be able to assist.


A picture of Father Bernard Robert has been added, as has the following article which, although dated 2014, brings us up to date a bit on the lawsuits field in 2011.

02 May 2014:  Lawsuits Pile Up Against Priest

I made my comments at the foot of the article.

Imagine.  24 victims, and you can rest assured that there are many others who are still struggling, and amongst the latter those think they are the only one, and those who fear that no one would ever believe them.  Keep them all in your prayers.


A reminder to please send along pictures.  If you notice that a page of an Accused is lacking a picture and you happen to have one know where you can get one, please dig it out and send it along.  If there are other people in the picture I will crop the picture so that it is only the face of the Accused which will be posted.

And, another reminder.  Those of you who were sexually abused by Canadian priests or by priests in Canada, or by Roman Catholic brothers, please send along a picture of yourself at about the age at which you were abused to post on the  the Children page.   I didn’t think it would be such a problem getting the pictures, and I truly do think that those pictures are worth a thousand words.

When you send the picture please tell me (1)  your age in the picture; (2)  if  you would like your name (first name only, or first name and surname, or initials only) under the picture; (3)  the name of your molester and if you would like it added under the picture.   You can remain anonymous by all means, but I do ask that you give your approximate age in photo.


A pleasantly cool day today.  We had a little rain, just enough to give me an excuse not to mow the lawn  🙂  That I can live with!

Enough for now.


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