Uh. Oh!

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Uh. Oh.  Someone we know may be in a spot of trouble, again.

I spent some time today trying to confirm that recently laid impaired driving charges were laid against someone we ‘know’ on Sylvia’s Site.  Unfortunately police will not verify date of birth, and since the “information” is not yet entered into the court I unable to verify through those means.  Until I know with certainty that it is indeed who I think it is, I will hold on posting.  I am 99.9% sure I know who it is, but that .1% is a niggle I don’t want to risk.

So, several hours today spent trying to sort that out, – without success :(.  I will check court each day next week until the day comes when the information has been filed.


Another article posted on Father Barry McGrory:

23 August 1986:  Just ‘being themselves’ makes for good show 

That was just before he disappeared from the Ottawa Archdiocese, never to return.  Well, at least never in the sense of serving as a Roman Catholic priest in the archdiocese for which he was ordained. He may have slipped in and out over the years.  I have no idea.

Years downstream I looked back at Father McGrory’s sudden exodus from Ottawa.  I always had a sense that something prompted what seemed to be a rather hasty departure , particularly for a priest who was, at least on the surface, not only beloved by his parishioners at Holy Cross but also well established with both the archdiocese and the community.

Anyway, there he is, Father Barry McGrory, a molester, one of the threesome referred to by CJSB talk-show host Ed Needham as the “Holy Trinity,” just before he packed his bags and departed Ottawa.


For those who have asked, my interview with Mark Sutcliffe on Ottawa Today (1310 News) can be accessed online.  For some reason I am unable to download the clip – keeps recording another program.  Until I sort that out, for now, it can be accessed by clicking here .  Then, to the right of the promo picture  of  the show,  scroll down to Ottawa Today – May 26 (09:00-10:00).  Click on that link.  Start the audio, and advance to about the 36.47 point.

Enough for now.


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