Just a mistake

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A reader sent a question regarding Father  Philippe de Maupeou – asking if I had information regarding his time at Ottawa’s Saint Paul University financed by Montreal Archbishop Turcotte.  I knew I did, but when I went to double check discovered that the  link by his name on the Accused list took me to theinquiry.ca – the old Inquiry website which is still very much being re-constructed, and, of course, sad to say, no information has been re-entered as yet on Father Philippe de Maupeou 🙁

So,  I created a page here on Sylvia’s Site and then posted the information which I have on hand.

I draw this to your attention to point out the following:

(1)  According to CJAD talk radio,  the Cardinal Archbishop of Montreal, Jean-Claude Turcotte said that de Maupeou is not a paedophile, he,  de Maupeou,  just made a mistake;

(2)  The chancellor of the archdiocese, Mgr. Michel Parent says, he’s paid his debt to society, and he adds those who call for priests convicted of sexual assaults on children are ‘hard-hearted’. (there’s obviously text missing here , but it looks as though the Monsignor might have been suggesting that those who call for defocking of convicted clerical molesters are hard-hearted? )

(3)  Archbishop Turcotte awarded de Maupeou  a $60,000 study bursary  to study canon law at Ottawa’s University of Saint Paul (he lasted only the first few weeks of the program  and was gone)

I cannot for the life of me conceive why Archbishop Turcotte would have thought that Father de Maupeou’s touching of a little 10-year-old girls genitalia was ‘just a mistake.’  Nor can I conceive how he could have deduced that the priest was not a paedophile.  Is that what de Maupeou told him?  I have no idea.

As for shipping the convicted molester  off to study canon law, …..what, I wonder,  makes canon law so inviting for those  intent on recycling molesters?  I would think that the last place in the world any bishop would want to recycle a priest known to have so flagrantly  violated Church law would  be as a canon lawyer interpreting, enforcing and/or upholding the law?  Apparently not.  How many cases have we come across where molesters were shipped off to study canon law?  It’s more than one or two, isn’t it?

I don’t know what has become of Father Philippe de Maupeou.  In 2013 his address in the index of that year’s directory was that of the diocesan centre  His name is not in the index of the 2016 directory.  Has he left the priesthood?  Did he die?  Does anyone know?


WordPress is a finicky program.  And, with each update there are changes. most good, but some, for those who operate a blog, not so good.  And so, for example, for years on end I was able to set the blog to automatically permit comments to posted.  That was my default.  Then along came a new version.  Someone, for some reason, decided that there should not be an option to enable the posting of  comments automatically.  Now I must remember each time I post an article to scroll down a little further and check to little box to enable comments.  I frequently forget, but am working at it.   And, yes,  it’s awfully hard to teach an old dog new tricks 🙁

I have also discovered that threads which for which I have had comments enabled will, for no apparent reason, disable.   That means that no one can post a comment.

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Enough for now.


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4 Responses to Just a mistake

  1. Just another victim says:

    There is a priest listed in the Montreal Diocese 2015 publications as :

    DE MAUPEOU, Philippe, M. l’abbé (’91) rés.: a/s Office du personnel pastoral QC 866-1661


    This person has the same ordination year as the convicted on stated above.
    So there is little doubt that if this is the same person he is still a priest and as of last year still with the Archdiocese of Montreal. In what capacity I do not know.


    • Sylvia says:

      Thanks jav. Good work!

      So, he was definitely there and still a priest in 2015. He is not listed in the index of the 2016 Canadian Catholic Church Directory. Is that an error in the CCD, or is he gone?

  2. Geenda says:

    Sadly its never “just a mistake” sexual abuse is carefully and deviously planned in a very sophisticated way. There is no possibility the sexual abuse of children could have continued on such a broad scale, across so many countries without help and without covert operators protecting the guilty. It’s sickening! And what surprises me the most is, there isn’t a very loud, very public outcry. There was more press in Ottawa when a young man beat a helpless dog. (which as an animal lover, I understand), yet so little attention on what to my mind is the crime of the century. More efforts have gone into protecting the guilty, than advocating for the innocent.

  3. susan says:

    Exactly. Jesus called the pharisees of his day hypocrites and these priests who covered up and continue to cover up for the molesting paedophile priests are exactly what Jesus states hypocrites who believe god blesses them for good works. They are sadly mistaken . All these priests whether the paedophiles or the co conspirators in the cover up are endangering children throughout the world. Ron Kelly is a prime example of a re offender who made a mockery of the Canadian justice system with a light punishment that obviously didn’t work.

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