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The three-day fitness trial of Father Linus Bastien’s  was scheduled to begin today (24 May 2016) :

24 -26May 2016: 10 am, fitness hearing set for three days,  Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue)

According to EHV there is talk that Bastien suffered a heart attack.   I pray that that is not the case.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


There’s one more article from last week which I wanted to make brief comment on:

18 May 2016:  Lawyer’s career dominated by clergy abuse scandal

Rob has done great work representing victims of clerical sexual abuse, but I don’t agree with him on this:

[Rob Talach] believes the Catholic Church, by requiring a celibate priesthood, made sexuality a forbidden subject among priests and the bishops responsible for managing them. It meant, he said, that even sex abuse was not discussed.

My thoughts:

(1) Those priests who are ‘interested’ in having sexual relations with a  woman manage to find one, just as those married men who are ‘interested’ in having sexual relations with a child manage to find one;

(2) Marriage is no ‘cure’ for paedophiles, haebophiles or pederasts;

(4) There has been no lack of priests over the past 50 years who have talked and/or written ad nauseam about sex;

(5)    I am inclined to believe that sex abuse has been discussed, in depth, and often,  behind closed doors.


Today a  good friend came to give me a welcome hand getting on top of some much needed research.  A very productive day! We  accomplished in one day what would have taken me two or more 🙂

Enough for now,


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