He’s still a priest

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Father Gary Hoskins is still a priest in the Roman Catholic Church.  He has NOT been defrocked.

Father Hoskins, a priest with the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador, Newfoundland, was convicted in 1987, recycled post- jail to the Archdiocese of Toronto, Ontario, and since 1995 has worked for the Center for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto working with persons with addictions, co-authoring publications such as   “Youth and Gambling:  Should We be Concerned?”,  working with the Rainbow Health Ontario Community Outreach Team, and as a therapist , Program Consultant.

A second set of charges were laid in February 2013.  Those charges are currently moving slowly toward trial in Corner Brook Newfoundland.

I had heard rumours that Father Hosins had been defrocked/laicized, but nothing concrete, so decided best to check to find out for certain.

No,  Father Hoskins is still a priest.  I checked with the diocese.  Here is the response I received from the Chancellor of the diocese, Father Aidan Devine: the diocese:

“The laicization process is on hold until the present criminal proceedings are completed.”

I truly do not understand.  I understand that the process is “on hold,”  but I do not understand what the criminal proceedings have to do with laicization proceedings.  Does anyone have any thoughts?

Please keep the complainants and victims in your prayers.


An unofficial translation of an article regarding the recent death of ex-priest Levi Noel has been posted

 17 May 2016:  “Ex-priest Levi Noel died” & original French text

“Even in old age, he was still capable of abusing children, but now I know he will never do it again,” said one of Noel’s victims Lowell Mallais

“I hope his death will ease the pain of his victims a little. He was in prison for a few years, but his victims were put in prison for life. He took their souls,” said another victim, Conrad Brideau.

Check the Levis Noel page.  There are pictures there of Lowell and Conrad, pictures  taken around the time they were molested by their parish priest, Father Levi Noel.

Thank you Lowell ad Conrad, and Levis, and all the others for speaking up.

Please keep all the victims in your prayers, those who came forward, and those who couldn’t quite summon the courage to do so.


And here’s an English article from Canadian Press regarding the sentencing of Redemptorist priest Father Jean-Claude Bergeron

16 May 2016:  Redemptorist priest in Quebec gets four years for sexually abusing boys 

Note the comment from Stephan Trottier, one of Bergeron’s victims:

“Because today, he went in the front door and went out the back door, as he should have,” said Trottier. “I felt a great sense of relief.”

Yes, off to prison where he belongs.

I personally think four years is a pittance, but, sometimes there is little choice other than be thankful for the crumbs which fall under the table:  he was convicted and he’s going to jail.

Well done all of you men who came forward.  Well done!

As above, please keep all the victims in your prayers, those who came forward, and those who couldn’t quite summon the courage to do so.


Sorry, for those who are waiting for the next court- date for Ottawa Catholic school teacher Jessica Beraldin, I did not get a chance to call the court house today.  Tomorrow 🙂

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Does nayone know anything about a priest with the Diocese of Peterborough Ontario who was perhaps charged after a victim committed suicide?  There is mention of this on a previous comment.  I received an email today telling me that the victim left a note.  Any info appreciated.

Enough for now,




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4 Responses to He’s still a priest

  1. Stu says:

    How current is your Gary Hoskins info? I know that Aidan Devine is deceased, R.I.P.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I just double checked the mail Stu. I addressed mine “Attention Father Aidan Divine. ” The response was unsigned. I assumed – erroneously! – it was from Father Divine. It did come from the diocesan centre. I have no idea now who at the diocesan centre dispatched it.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Disturbing. I just looked up the obituary for Father Aidan Devine. Scroll down tot he first comment posted by “Potter” Click here for external link.

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