Ex priest and serial molester Levi Noel dead?

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I received an email advising that ex-priest and serial molester  Levi Noel died today, 13 May 2016.  I don’t see any obituaries yet.  If anyone spots any, or any media coverage, please pass along.

Levi Noel, a priest with the Diocese of Bathurst New Brunswick,  was ‘defrocked/laicized in 2012. The request for laicization was submitted to the Vatican by the then Archbishop of Bathurst, Valéry Vienneau,  after Noel was first convicted in 2010. In this instance Bishop Vienneau did the right thing.  I did not agree with the Michael Bastarache ‘conciliation ‘ process initiated by the bishop, but he certainly did what needed to be done to get a molester out of the priesthood.

Please pray for the many victims of this molester who for so many years masqueraded as a priest, for those victims who eventually came forward and those who never quite summoned the courage to do so.  And please, at this time remember in a special way, and pray for the repose of the souls of,  those victims who unfortunately  took their own lives

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2 Responses to Ex priest and serial molester Levi Noel dead?

  1. Baspuits says:

    Yep, died on Friday the 13………….how fitting!
    Physically abusing no more!

  2. Sylvia says:

    A little more information…

    He died at the Lakeshore Hospital in Pointe-Claire QC

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