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Brian Lucy, previously convicted child molester and former organist at St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in Gananoque, Ontario (Kingston Archdiocese, Ontario),  had a court date this morning (Friday, 06 April 2016) in Brockville, Ontario related to the new December 2015 charges.  If anyone has news of the outcome, please pass ti along.

On Monday I will find out  and post his next court date.

Please keep the victims and complainant in your prayers.


Does anyone have the RSS feed set up to get notice when a new blog is posted on Sylvia’s Site?  If yes, could you post a comment or contact me to explain how it is done? Ditto if you know of some other way to keep tabs on new additions to Sylvia’s site.  There are some plugins available, but they are really geared for blogs which require log ins with user name and password.

Any help here appreciated.  There are people who would like to be notified when a new blog is posted.  You know me.  I am technologically challenged.  I know there is a way, but just don’t know the how.

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to Notification of blogs

  1. John McKiggan says:

    I will contact you Monday to explain how to set up the RSS feed.



  2. Jennifer Jilks says:

    I still fail to understand how the church can condone this, and continue to allow these perps to do what they do. Good documentation, Sylvia. People need to know, even if they avoid believing the truth.

  3. Bob LeDrew says:

    For others wondering about this, it’s not terribly difficult. I use a “Feed Reader” called Feedly. It’s free to use, although there is a paid option. Feedly offers apps for phones and tablets as well, which will all sycnchronize

    These instructions apply to the desktop (PC / Mac) version:
    * Set up an account at When your account is ready, you’ll see an “add content” button in the top left corner. Click it.
    * Type in or paste the URL of this site (
    * Two results will come up. One is for the posts to the site (which Sylvia makes); another is for comments on posts (made by anyone). You can add those to your Feedly feed.

    Once you have done this, new posts and comments will be fed to your Feedly page each time there’s something new. You can read them there and mark them as read afterwards, or click through to the actual post.

    You can do this with almost all websites. It’s a great way of getting through lots of information in a short time.

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