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The following document has been posted.  I was doing a bit of a commentary to connect a few of the dots – it’s taking longer than I thought so for now will simply post the document so that those who wish to do so can read it.

10 February 2015:  Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation for the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie v. AXA Insurance (2015 ONSC 838)  (The Sault Ste Maire Diocese is ordered “to produce for examination for discovery” Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe to answer questions concerning Canon Law,  the policies and practices of the Diocese and the operation and oversight of the Diocese.  There is considerable and disturbing mention in the decision of facts related to one of the diocese’s infamous and recently deceased sexual predators, Father John Sullivan.  The legal action however relates to 16 sexual claims against diocesan priests.  The diocese was arguing that it is insured.  AXA insurance was arguing that it is entitled in law to deny coverage on the basis of material misrepresentation, material non-disclosure and bad faith.  The position taken by the defendant is that the policy is void ab initio.)

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5 Responses to Re infamous predator

  1. PJ says:

    Glad this is starting to come out now…I could not say anything earlier but the information and even more damning information is available at the Sudbury courthouse. This is one sick diocese that continuously covered up abuses, moved collars without telling parishioners, all with various bishops’ knowledge, for decades. They are now reaping what they sowed.

  2. PJ says:

    And now frankie has commented on the sexual abuse of minors…BUT NOT THOSE PERPETRATED BY THAT CHURCH!!! He was responding to the recent death of an 8 year old abuse victim in Rome. He stated, “Calling pedophilia a “tragedy,” Francis says “we mustn’t tolerate abuses on minors.” He adds “we must defend minors and severely punish the abusers.”
    What a hypocrite…Defend minors??? While his church defends the pervert collars and do NOTHING for the victims. This man is nothing but a bag of wind spouting trash when it comes to sexual abuse. Makes me want to puke. Here’s a link to the article.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for the link PJ.

    I am still waiting for the day we get the welcome news from a Pope that all known predatory clergy will be defrocked – that includes the hundreds if not thousands who, like Father Sullivan, have been convicted in a court of law, or in tribunal, but are allowed to float around sanctuaries, hospitals, schools and dioceses willfully and sacrilegiously deceiving the naive and trusting masses, and scandalously and equally willfully placing children at risk.

    That day will come, but, sad to say, I don’t think it will come from Pope Francis .

  4. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    You know PJ, paedophilia IS a tragedy, a human tragedy. Just as our society tries to rehabilitate murderers, armed robbers, sociopaths and psychopaths, we must also do our best to treat and deal with paedophiles. It seems debateable whether or not a paedophile can be treated medically, but they still must be dealt with in a compassionate and caring manner.
    The fact that the church continues to turn a blind eye to this, and continues to hide and employ convicted paedophiles as priests of God, hopefully will not deter efforts on the part of us, the lowly unwashed to hold their feet to the fire.
    As Sylvia has said repeatedly, they MUST be defrocked and removed from the priesthood. Following that the church and our society is then free to pray for them, to offer them whatever help is needed.
    The church will continue to falter administratively and monetarily if this is not done. It seriously weakens what should be a very powerful faith based organization.
    When will that day come? Well, ………………………….. Mike.

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