New trial date to be set

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The latest in courtdates

(1)  Donald Grecco (St. Catharine’s Diocese, Ontario)

Ex priest and previously convicted child molester Donald Grecco has a court date this morning in St. Catharine’s Ontario:

26 April 2016:  09:00 am, “to be spoken to,”  courtroom #2, Robert S. K. Welch St Catharine’s courthouse, St. Catharine’s, Ontario (59 Church St.)

Please keep the complainants and their families in your prayers.

(2) Father Gary Hoskins (Diocese Saint George’s, Newfoundland – now Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador)

Yesterday I posted a query regarding the sex abuse trial of previously convicted molester turned social worker Father Gary Hoskins.  Well, somewhere along the line I missed a couple of important developments (1) the trial date had been set for 12 May, and (2) the Crown is now arguing to present similar fact evidence from the previous trial – the 12 May 2016 court-date has now been set aside for the the Crown to present here arguments (and no doubt defence to argue against).  I have been told that a new trial date will also be set on this date.

Here is an article I found online explaining what’s happening:

07 April 2016:  Crown application in Hoskins sex trial postponed for a month

So, the next court date for Father Gary Hoskins is:

12 May 2016: 10 am, Crown to argue to present similar fact evidence, Corner Brook Superior Court (81 Mt. Bernard Avenue.)   A new trial date will be set at this time.

This is good occasion for me to remind  you all to send me or post links to media coverage, and/or news regarding court dates.  I honestly would rather receive a raft of links to the same article  than miss a court date.

Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers.

(3)  Father Stephen Amesse (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

A little while ago I mentioned that there is an 09 May 2016 pre-trial for Father Stephen Amesse. I am quite certain that this is NOT open to the public, but placed a call with another department in the courthouse to find out.

Answering machine!  I left a message.  No call back.  Unfortunately that happens from time to time.  Oh my how I hate  winding up with those darn answering machines 🙁  Anyway,  I shall try again today 🙂

Yes, for those who have asked, I was under the weather for quite a little a while there 🙁  Thanks I believe  to the kind prayers of those who knew, and a  good doctor and a raft of pills, I am feeling 100% better now 🙂  But, as I am,  and without doubt you are,  finding, it takes time to get back on top of things.  Slowly but surely.  Not as quickly as I would like, but, – getting there.

Enough for now,


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