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I am in the process of trying to make some much needed improvements for all of you when you post a comment, both (1) to give you more flexibility in controlling  how your comment appears once it posts, and, (2) perhaps more important,  to allow you to keep tabs on comments on a particular thread and/or replies to yours.

I have just tested the set-up, and, much to my delight, both additions are operative and  seem to be fully functional 🙂

And so, a quick note on each:

(1)  Posting a comment

A WordPress “plugin” has been added which will allow you to Bold, Italicize, link or put text in quotes when you post a comment.  To use the latter, first highlight the text and then click on the “quote” button and, voila, that portion of your text will appear in italics.  It’s very user friendly.

I was concerned that the five-minute period grace might be negatively affected with this addition, but it is fine:   You still have that five minutes of grace after you hit “submit”  to make changes or corrections 🙂

(2)  Subscribe to comments

I always feel badly when someone posts a reply to a comment which posted months, or even years ago.  Sometimes I try to contact the individual who posted the original comment, but sometimes I just do not have the time to do so and therefore kind words, contact from  an old friend and/or important information may be missed.  This should solve that problem.

As I said before, this will allow you to keep tabs on comments on a particular thread,  or just tabs on any comment which is posted in response to yours.  I have done this in the hopes it will , for example, help those who are awaiting news of a particular court-date, and/or those who want to keep tabs on comments posted on the thread of any person on the Accused list.  This, I do believe, will make life easier for all.

Here’s how it works:

(1)  At the foot of every article or page and below every comment posted there is. or should be,  a  “Leave a Reply” button above a screen in which to post a comment.

It’s a little different when you are on the “Home” page of Sylvia’s Site where I post my blogs.  You are on the Home page right now.  There is no “Leave a Reply” button and no screen visible.  However, when you scroll down to the foot the blog you will find the following link:  “Leave a comment.”  When you click on that “Leave a comment” link the “Leave a reply” message and screen appear 🙂

Now, when you have that  that “Leave a reply” message and screen in front of you, look below the screen, and then beneath  the “Post Comment,” and you’ll see text which reads:  “You can manage the subscriptions of this post.”

(2) Click on the “manage the subscriptions ” link.  After doing so you will receive an email with a link to a page which will allow you to mange your subscriptions for that particular thread, or page.  As you see, you can request notification for all comments which are posted on that thread, or only for those in reply to yours, and so on.  You also have the option to cancel that particular notification.  And, that’s it.  Time to wait.

(3)  When someone posts a  a reply to your comment, you will receive an email advising that “There is a new comment to [the thread or comment you ‘subscribed to]  followed by a link to the comment.

Or, if you have opted to be notified when all comments are posted, you will get emails advising the same

(4)  I am quite certain there is no need to actually post a comment in order to ‘subscribe.’   It is hard for me to test that.  Please try it out and let me know.  If it works as it should  you can go to whatever thread or page or blog or whatever that you wish to follow and subscribe to that thread.  And, when someone posts a comment on that thread, you will receive an email alert.

The option to subscribe is available whether you post a comment or not.

(5)  Please feel free to test, on your own and in exchanges with each other.

As an aside, I am also about to add a plugin which will allow me to respond to comments with more ease.  If that works as it is touted to, it will make life much easier for me and hopefully will allow me to respond more readily.

Enough for now,


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