The Children

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Please note, a picture of two darling little girls , Donna and Karen, has been posted on The Children‘s page.

Picture of Donna and Karen added to The Children

Donna and Karen are sisters.  Both girls were sexually abused in the late 60s  by then Father Paul Blancard.

Sisters.  Just two innocent carefree and very young girls.

Police have been contacted.

Please keep Donna and Karen in your prayers.


On 05 April I made comment on the funeral of convicted molester Father John Sullivan.

05 April 2016:  BLOG Yes, they knew

I have since been contacted by an individual who tells me that people at the funeral did NOT know that Father Sullivan was a molester, were in fact shocked to find out, and were upset by my comments.

Yes, a good reminder for me.  Of course there could be people out there who have not the slightest inkling that Father Sullivan was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a threat to children and a disgrace to the priesthood.  That’s the way recycling and cover-ups work is it not?

Perhaps because there were only a handful of people there  I thought the only people at the funeral would be family members. I was mistaken.  I apologize to you unfortunate souls who have just discovered that Father Sullivan was in fact a serial and convicted molester.  You were betrayed.

I  had been waiting for further news before making further comment, however, it does seem to be taking time so will carry on and post this, with the hope that those who know more about Father’s years in Montreal will contact me.

I did find out that during his years in Montreal Father Sullivan sometimes offered or assisted at Masses.  I could be mistaken, but would guess that in that case he also heard confessions from time to time, particularly during Christmas and Easter.

Anyone who can provide further info please post a comment or contact me.


And another picture added to The Children‘s page, that of Hubert Croteau.

Hubert was just a little lad when he landed in St. Patrick’s orphanage in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  He was there for a very short time, but unfortunately for the child, long enough to be sexually abused by Brother Arthur Van Hecke omi.  There is a long and quite amazing story behind posting this picture and explaining the current lack of a page with further information on Van Hecke.  For now, I shall post the picture of that handsome young boy, and with it, the name of Brother Arthur Van Hecke.

Please keep Hubert in your prayers.


With the posting of those pictures I am reminded of their import.  I encourage those of you where sexually abused in or out of Canada by a Canadian priest or religious (brother or nun) to send a picture.   I have made comment on the Children page  asking that you include your age in the photo, how you would like to be identified, and if desired, the name of your molester.

Please take an hour or two to dig through your photo albums or treasured boxes of pictures and see what you can find.


Here is the latest news re the Mount Cashel scandal from the civil trial in St. John’s Newfoundland:

20- April 2016:  Confession sacred, but priests had other options to act on reported abuse at Mount Cashel  

19 April 2016:  Archbishop’s role includes safeguarding people in diocese: canon law expert  

Court has recessed until June 06.  The date has been added the date to the Legal Calendar.

Please, those of you who live in or nearby St. John’s,  mark your calendars and try to attend.

Please keep the many victims of the Christian Brothers and from Mount Cashel in your prayers.


By way of interest, in the past I had heard that Father Robert Papi   was at Madonna House in Combomere Ontario (Ottawa Valley) after his 1992 conviction with sentence for the sex abuse of two boys being, believe it or not, a conditional sentence. I I didn’t post the information because the info came  to me more as a rumour than fact.

Well, I have now been told that Father Papi did indeed spend at least a good part of 1992-1993 at Madonna House, and that guests who were living at Madonna House at the time were not informed that Papi was a molester.

If anyone can tell us any more about Father Papi’s time at Madonna House please post a comment or contact me.


I’m not sure exactly what happened here, but is looks to be a legal mess:

18 April 2016:  Legal misstep lets Catholic Church off hook for residential schools compensation

Will the various Catholic entities involved now dance on the head of a legal pin to shirk their legal responsibility?  I pray not, but, we shall see….


A few weeks ago a WordPress upgrade meant the exclusion of my ability to allow comments on all articles posted.  Previously I had the ability to ensure that all articles posted would automatically allow comments to be posted.  That was what I wanted -and it was nice that I didn’t have do a thing to make it happen.  Sometimes there were glitches, but, on the whole it worked like a charm

The upgrade means that now I must remember specifically to check off a little box permitting comments 🙁  I am working hard to remember to do so, but as I worked this morning realized that I have a long way to go on this little learning curve 🙁  So, please, if you come across an article which does not permit comments and you would like to comment, let me know.  The only way I can fix it is if you let me know.


News from Japan.  I will get this information posted now and then move on to that..

Enough for now,


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  1. Gerry says:

    I just finished reading a book called, The Home for Unwanted Girls. I had a friend and a half sister who were in St. Patrick’s Orphanage in Montreal. I’m trying to find the history of the orphanage during the 1930,40, and 1950’s.

    • Ann Simmonds says:

      Gerry, I was in St Patrick’s orphanage in Montreal from 1943 – 1949 I don’t think I would be of any help to you though because I was just 2 years old when I got there.

  2. Ann Simmonds says:

    Gerry, I was in St Patrick’s orphanage in Montreal from 1943 – 1949 I don’t think I would be of any help to you though because I was just 2 years old when I got there.

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