The apology was obtained by coercion??!!

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Well, my of my! Look at this.  The sex abuse scandal keeps nipping away at the heels of the Brothers of Christian Instruction et al at the St. Mary’s International School in Japan:

20 April 2016:  “Japan Catholic school sex-abuse victims demand to be heard” & related articles

The article has been picked up by news outlets around the globe.  That means countless more eyes and ears to hear, and hopefully a few more mouths to speak 🙂

Good news indeed.

First it was Simon Scott and several articles in the Japan Times.  Now Yuri Kageyama with Associated Press.

Wonderful!  Well done both of you.

A few quotes taken from the article, in no particular order, with comment

(1) “In October 2014, St. Mary’s set up an investigative panel to look into sex abuse at the school. Their findings are not ready, and the head of the panel declined to comment.”

It sounds as though the Kagei’s hand-picked panel which was struck to conduct a  supposedly independent   “investigation” has wrapped up and the supposedly independent and impartial  “experts” are perhaps working on their report?  I wonder?

I made my thoughts on the panel of “experts” known back in November 2014:

BLOG  Making the problem go away commentary on the Saburo Kagei letter of 18 November 2014

And then, this, with mention of both Conrad Lord and the lawyer heading the inquiry  in the same blog;

19 August 2015: BLOG Rife with secrecy and conflict of interest

Unfortunately I don’t expect the panel to shone the light of truth on much of anything.  I would dearly love to be proven wrong!

We shall see…

(2) “The Archdiocese of Tokyo declined to comment, saying St. Mary’s is handling the matter.

The archdiocese was part of the problem at the beginning.  I still have a small report to write up on that.  I promised it ages ago.  A first-hand account of the victims’s mother visit to the archbishop of the day.  That was after she found out her some had been sodomised.  She is quite a lady!

(3)  “Conrad Lord, a lawyer for The Brothers of Christian Instruction, which runs St. Mary’s, said Lambert’s apology had been obtained by ‘coercion,’ and that both Brothers were wrongfully accused, but declined to comment further.”

Some of you may recall that Conrad Lord is, in fact, a Canadian, in Quebec, in the Montreal area .   In fact, unless he has changed his offices, he is in Broissard, Quebec, which is right beside LaPrairie Quebec.  LaPrairie. is the ‘motherhouse’ for the Canadian branch of the Brothers.

And now, take a look at what Mr. Lord has to say.  The apology was obtained by ‘coercion!

What a despicable thing to say.  There is documented evidence that that child was sexually abused.  Look at this.  I wrote and posted this on10 November 2013:   Trouble at the Embassy.  It’s a statement signed by victim’s mother recalling events which transpired after her son was sodomised by Brother Lawrence.

Perhaps a little chit chat with Brother Paradis would be in order.  The last known whereabouts of Brother Paradis, who was Headmaster at the time, was the mother house – yes, in LaPrairie.  The last I heard he was alert and cognizant.  He knows what happened. He knows. He was alive when this dirty scandal and cover-up was spewing into the pubic domain  and when Conrad Lord first entered the picture.

(4) “Though the victim said his family made St. Mary’s aware of the attack in 1965, Saburo Kagei, who has headed the school since 2013, said he had been unaware of them.”

That’s how cover-ups work, is it not?

(5) “No lawsuits have been filed over any of the allegations.”

The statute of limitations is a problem, as is geography.

(6)  “The AP found the second brother the former student accuses of rape, at a Japanese school in Yokohama where he continues to teach. He declined to comment.”

That’s Brother Marcel Villemure fic (Brother Claude Villemure).

It’s interesting that he declined to comment.  I suppose he and the others have been instructed to do so by Conrad Lord?

(7)  “Decades later, he learned that Lambert returned to St. Mary’s, serving as principal of its elementary school from 1982 until retiring in 2011. After that, he lived at a brothers’ residence in Japan.”

That says it all, doesn’t it?

That truly is…

Enough for now.


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