Another convicted serial clerical molester dead

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Picot obitThanks to Derek we have news that 69-year-old thrice convicted serial molester Father Charles Picot is dead.  He died 31 March 2016 in Montreal.  His funeral will be held 15 April 2016.

Picot was scheduled for trial 10-11 May 2016 in Bathurst New Brunswick.  No more adjournments and legal dilly-dallying around now.  There will, obviously – and sadly for the complainants –  be no trial.

This may seem strange to some, but I have found that the death of their molester is a difficult time for victims.   Please keep the many Picot victims in your prayers at this time.  Remember particularly those who had hoped to see justice done this May.

Note that the funeral will be held in the Magnus Poirier funeral home and not in a church.

(Father John Sullivan, another convicted serial molester, died in Montreal 27 March 2016.  His funeral arrangements were also handled by Magnus Poirier.)

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