What is this world coming to?

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A very quick update before a late supper :

(1)  I have just added a page for Catholic Beraldin. a 30-year-old female teacher at Mother Theresa High School in Barrhaven, Ontario (Ottawa) charged 31 March 2016 with with sexual assault, sexual exploitation and making sexually explicit material available to a child.  The gender and age of the student in question is unknown at this time.

What oh what is this world coming to?  here seem to be more and more of these cases of females teachers sexually abusing students.

And, yes. she’s out on $1000 bail.

(2)   The Father Roger Rinfret page has been added.

There are is still a fair bit of information to add, but will draw your attention to it now so that you can het a head start and then read the articles and info as posted.

I am trying to pop information from the media coverage onto the page to make it easier to get a handle on this rather convoluted tale and its sorry outcome.  That at least is the plan for now 🙂

Here are the articles posted to date:

02 April 1980:   Popular priest found murdered in motel room (two pages)  

10 June 1980:  Man confesses to slaying priest

14 June 1980: Homosexual party led to priests murder:  youth  

16 July 1980:   Motions delay hearing into priests death  

25 July 1980:  -Suspect Threatens detective  

24 January 1981:  Priest was loved by all  

I will let you read through those to get a feel for it.  Not sure if I will get back to it this evening, but will certainly do my best to get a few more articles posted over the weekend.

Again, if anyone remembers anything about Father Rinfret or his murder please get in touch or post a comment.


It’s definitely Spring!  The birds are going mad at the bird feeders, and one cute little chipmunk has sorted out a means to access bird seed/peanuts in my squirrel proof feeder!!!  He sort of hangs upside – not sure yet exactly how he manages to avoid tripping the little door on the feeder with his weight, but, he’s figured it out.  Very clever little fellow 🙂

Enough for now,




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