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A few items of interest today:

(1) Father  Jacques Faucher (Ottawa Archdiocese)

Father Jacques Fauncher was convicted today.  Sadly, the judge ruled that he found there was r”reasonable doubt” related to the allegations of two of the victims.   I say sadly because I know all too well the pain and anguish of victims when their molester is acquitted on the charges filed on their behalf.  There is little comfort for these men in assurances that their ‘stories; were not  discounted.  The one comfort which I can perhaps offer is that thanks to their courage others found the strength to come forward, and in consequence, we the public as well as Catholic laity now all know Father Faucher to be revealed as the wolf in sheep’s clothing that he is.  Thank you!

Here are the reports of today’s proceedings (and, yes, isn’t it heartwarming to see actual honest-to-goodness media coverage.  Thank you Jacques!!!)

30 March 2016:  “Former Ottawa priest convicted of molesting altar boys in 1969-74” & related articles

It’s sort of one of those  good news/bad news moments isn’t it?  The good news being that Faucher was convicted:  the bad news that two victims are left feeling that the judge did not believe them.  Sad!

Please keep the victims of Father Faucher in your prayers, especially now those on whose charges he was ‘acquitted.’

A final note here.  As I said elsewhere , note the “Archdiocese of Ottawa issued a statement Wednesday saying that in light of the conviction, Faucher’s suspension from the ministry and prohibition from representing himself as a priest will continue ‘indefinitely.’”

What kind of nonsense is this?  His prohibition will continue “indefinitely?  What exactly does “indefinitely” mean?  Why not do what must be done to ensure that he is incapable of representing himself as a priest in the future ?  Why not assure us all that steps are being takne this very moment to have Father Faucher defrocked/laicized?  The Archbishop says he is committed to ” a process of justice and reconciliation for the victims of clergy abuse.”  Defrocking the clertical molester would be a healthy and just start.


(2)  St. Mary’s International SchoolFrank Selas

And more on the sex absue scandal and cover-up at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo, Japan.  For those who may have forgotten, the school is run by the Canadian branch of the Brothers of Christian Instruction.

How many molesters. I wonder.  from SMIS are currently prattling around Quebec these days?  Brother Lawrence Lambert  is there for sure.  Ditto Brother John Paradis.  Who else?

To my knowledge Brother Marcel is still over in Japan?  I’m not certain, but I don’t think they have shipped him back home to Canada yet.

Oh, yes, I nearly forget.  There’s Brother Alban Cyr,  the last I knew was that he is in Quebec too.

Just one big happy family!

Anyway, here is the latest update  regarding SMIS and it’s sex scandal:

30 March 2016:  Evidence mounts of missed red flags in case of former Tokyo teacher facing U.S. child rape charges

Note that the current headmaster of St. Mary’s International School, Saburo Kagei, says the school is aware of the news about the recent arrest of Selas, and  has said that “we have offered to assist law enforcement officials there but cannot comment further.”

There is no doubt that there was something going on with Selas while he was at SMIS.  Former students heard that he had been shipped out.

Will we hear more on this  (Selas at SMIS) when the Kagei panel releases it’s report?  Will there, in fact, be a public report?  Things have been terribly quiet over there for a long long time, have they not?

Anyway, I do encourage any ‘boys’ who may have been molested  by FrankSelas while in Japan to contact the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at (318) 473-6727 or (318) 473-6700, or Detective Stephen Phillips at 318-473-6727.  There probably can not be charges laid for anything which may have happened in Japan, but the information would without doubt be of great assistance to authorities in the States.

Please keep all those who allege abuse at the hands of this man in your prayers.


(3)  Father John E Sullivan (Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

Earlier today I posted an obituary of sorts from the Magnus Poirier funeral home in Montreal.  I think – am quite certain in fact – that it is the obituary for convicted serial clerical molester Father John E. Sullivan.

Here is the text:


1925 – 2016

We regret to announce the passing of JOHN EDWARD SULLIVAN, at the age of 91 years, on Sunday March 27 2016 in Montreal. Details to come. You are invited to transmit a message of sympathy to the family by clicking on the sideline “message of condolence” lower

The age,  year of birth and location are right.  I do think it is him.  I shall try to confirm tomorrow.

If indeed it is him, my heart goes out to those victims who went to police in 2012 seeking justice.  For over three-and-a-half-years those poor sous have watched helplessly as  the revolving court room door swung to and fro, month after month after month after month.

It’s all so terribly wrong.  If indeed he molested those boys he has gone to meet his Maker with that  cruel denial on his soul.  I know that at times like this I should pray for his soul, but, honestly, sometimes it’s terribly hard.  I will see where I am at ina  couple of datys.  Meanwhile, I pray for his many many victims, and for their families, all of whom have suffered so much.


(4) Father Roger Rinfret (Archdiocese of Ottawa)

I was researching information on another priest today and came across information on a Father Roger Rinfret, a priest from the Archdiocese of Ottawa who was murdered in an Ottawa motel  back in 1980. It’s a rather convoluted and disturbing tale.   I shall be adding Father Rinfret’s name to the list tomorrow.  If anyone remembers Father Rinfret or anything about his murder please contact me

Enough for now,


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