Arguments pending trial

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The following is a clip from 15 March 2016 NTV news regarding the court date of previously convicted molester Father Gary Hoskins in Corner Brook Newfoundland Superior Court

Note that the next court date for Hoskins is 06 April 2016 at which time both sides will battle it out.  By the sound of things, Hoskins is seeking permission to introduce evidence preparing to besmirch the character of complainant, while the Crown is seeking permission to make reference at trial to Hoskins previous conviction.  The trial is set for 25-26 April 2016.  These arguments are preparatory to trial.

A reminder that Hoskins, a convicted clerical molester, was given safe haven in the Archdiocese of Toronto by Cardinal Emmett Carter.  It seems that Cardinal Carter’s successor, Aloysius Matthew Ambrozic,  was equally tolerant.

As an aside, for those who don’t know, when parishioners at St.  Anne’s accidentally found out that their new assistant priest was a molester they were told by their parish priest  that no-one had asked them about their past when they joined the parish and that basically Father Hoskin’s past was none of their business.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Please note that I have added a screen shot from the video clip to the Father Gary Hoskins page: had no picture of him until now.  People often ask.   Better late than never.   Now those who have seen him out and about in Toronto posing as a a social worker can identify him and know that yes, indeed, that man actually is convicted child molester Father Gary Hoskins.

Hoskins screen shot NTV 15 March 2016

(PS:  Love that Newfoundland courts permit cameras and filming of the accused in the courtroom)

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