Court news

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Court news:

(1)  Brian Lucy  (former organist, Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario)

Previously convicted and currently incarcerated child molester Brian Lucy has a court date on his second set of charges this morning:

Friday, 11 March 2016:  09:00 am, “to be spoken to,”  Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square)

(2)  Father Denis Vaillancourt (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)

The next court-date for Father Denis Vaillancourt, the former long-term Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, is:

Wednesday, 11 May 2016: 09:00 am, “to set a date,” Alexandria, Ontario courthouse (110 Main St. North

The charges against Father Vaillancourt were laid last October (2015).  As most of you know, here in Ontario these revolving door court-dates will probably go on for at least several more months before there is sign of either a Preliminary Hearing or, barring a preliminary hearing, a trial date.

As before, I have no idea what date the “to set date” is for. These court-dates tend to come and go – without someone in the courtroom to find out what happened there is no way to know. Often it is a case of one side or the other asking for more time for something or other.


I don’t know what’s going on in my life these days, but seems it’s been one ‘crisis’ after another.  This past Wednesday water started leaking into our laundry room in the basement.  The floor, unfortunately,  is carpeted,   This happened a few weeks ago – eventfully got it soaked up and then had an industrial strength fan blowing to dry it out.  And now, as of Wednesday, it’s started again.  So now it’s back to spreading towels all over to absorb as much water as possible, and then replace saturated  towels with a set of dry towels,  and then rinse and dry saturated towels for the next change off.  And, of course,  the big fan has been running 24/7.  And water oozing into adjacent storage room (also carpeted :()

Thankfully I have a stack of old towels that I  keep in storage – they have been a godsend 🙂  It seems to be under control now, but there’s still water oozing in and towels are still required to contain the spread.

Between the mopping up and drying out I have fiddled on with setting up the new computer.  Outlook is now functioning on new computer with all files imported.  I joyfully uninstalled the old Outlook from the old computer yesterday 🙂

Some of my software has been re-installed, but still some to go.  Today the goal is to get Windows Live Mail downloaded, files transferred and operational.  If that goes well I will carry on with a few other programs- if not I will aim to accomplish that and call it a day!

Enough for now,


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