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A quick note with the news

Viatorian priest and former teacher at Cornwall’s Classical College Father Ronald Leger has been sentenced to two years:

09 February 2016:  Former St. Boniface priest sentenced to 2 years behind bars

A reminder here that Father Leger was at one time a good friend of Father Paul Lapierre.  Lapierre, a priest with the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Ontario, sexually abused  Claude Marleau.  I believe I said over a year ago that I was going to go through my notes and transcripts from the Lapierre Cornwall trial to find the references made to Leger during the trial.  I haven’t done it 🙁  Perhaps I will try to find time to pull those transcripts out and go through them over the next week or so.  I personally believe that it’s important to have all of these seemingly little bits and pieces of information together.  It’s all about connecting the dots.

And, yes, Father Leger was both a student and, later as a Viatorian priest, a teacher at the Cornwall Classical College.

So so many dots to connect…

Anyway, Father Leger will now have some time behind bars to meditate on the damage he has done, and ample time to pray for his unfortunate victims,  all of those whose trust he sorely he betrayed, and, yes, his own soul.  I hope and pray he uses the time well.

I don’t know if or not he was taken into custody after sentencing today.  I suspect he was.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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