“You’ve got the wrong guy”?!!!

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Can you believe it?

Yes, I’m sure you can.  By now I think we’ve all heard and/or seen just about every trick in book used by molesters to elude justice.  And so, this line from former SMIS teacher and fugitive from justice Frank Selas/Selas’ lawyer is  really no great surprise….

28 January 2016:  Frank Selas’ attorney: “You’ve got the wrong guy”

But, still, really:  “You’ve got the wrong guy”?!!!!

Ah yes, but indeed.  As I say, we’ve heard it all,  haven’t we?  How pathetic.

I don’t know how quickly things will move, but first Selas must be legally transported from California to Louisiana to face justice.

And yes, I must say it:  Hats off to Sheriff William Earl Hilton!  Amazing work.  It sounds as though he truly never forgot those six young lads.

My thoughts and prayers are with those six, now men, who have waited 37 long long years to see justice done.

Please note in the NBC San Diego article that anyone  with information  is encouraged to call the RPSO Criminal Investigations Division at (318) 473-6727 or (318) 473-6700.

Enough for now,


PS:  I wonder if the St. Mary’s International School Panel School “independent” inquiry looked into the tenure of Frank Selas at the school?  If not, I believe best they do.

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