Borne defrocked

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And welcome news from the Diocese of Pembroke Ontario…

One more molester is out of the priesthood and can never ever be referred to again as “Father.”

Clerical molester Father Robert Borne is now officially clerical molester Robert Borne.  In other words, Borne has been defrocked (reduced  to the lay state/laicized)

25 January 2016:  Borne laicized (defrocked) 04 December 2015

Borne, former Chancellor of the diocese, was charged April 2009 after a police investigation which lasted over one year.  He eventually faced 19 charges related to allegations of sexual abuse of five teenage boys between the years 1977 and 1995.  Five of the charges were later withdrawn or dismissed by the Crown.  On 14 July 2010 Justice Robert Selkirk ruled that eight charges related to three complainants should not proceed to trial.  Borne stood trial on four charges related to the sex abuse allegations of two “alleged” victims.

On 25 November 2011 Justice Julianne Parfett found Borne guilty on charges related to one complainant, and acquitted on another set of charges related to the second complainant( Parfett  unfortunately deemed the testimony unreliable).

The then Father Robert Borne received a nine month conditional sentence.  NO jail time.

I pray that all the  Borne victims out  there will find relief and a modicum of comfort in the knowledge that Robert Borne has  been held accountable by the Church for his crimes and sins.

My prayers are with the victims and their families.

Enough for now,


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32 Responses to Borne defrocked

  1. PJ says:

    So why didn’t that church to the same with john e. sullivan? He’s still a collar and was worse than borne. Pisses me off.

    • Larry Green says:

      You can take the man out of the priesthood, but you will never take the priest out of the man. God made him a priest for ever. That may sound meaningless to some. But it is a very important reality to consider and a crucial point to evaluate if one’s activity is truly directed toward a deeper understanding of the message of the Jesus, who one claims a desire to follow. Very important!!!

      • PJ says:

        Somehow I find your message to be a farce. The message of Jesus does not come from the mouths of these pervert collars…they are an abomination of what Christianity really is.

        • Lina says:

          Larry is probably talking about the invisible sacramental sign of the anointing put on a man who becomes a priest.

          Robert Borne is defrocked but that invisible anointing sign of a priest is still within him.
          Comes from the scriptural: ‘A priest is a priest forever’.

          For some people the invisible and the non-existent are hard to tell apart.

          • PJ says:

            And a pervert collar is a pervert forever…get rid of them and to hell with the anointing. They broke their vow and credibility by their disgusting actions against children. Prepare that millstone for each pervert!

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Finally, a correct and just step that’s been too long in coming. More to come…………………….. Mike.

  3. Larry Green says:

    Rise up from the pit filled with despair and beasts bathing in slime ( hell), into a world filled with human beings, where it is an honor ,it is joyful and it is God’s will that you reveal the beauty in each and every one of them.

  4. 1abandonedsheep says:

    Perhaps now those several women from Eganville and area who drive to attend Mass where Borne is living, will finally get the message that this man is NOT what they thought he was !!!

    • Orion says:

      Under canon law the only ministerial action Borne can perform is to hear a death bed confession and absolve IF no priest in good standing is available.He cannot say Mass,preach, etc but if he does it would be valid but illicit.Attendees at this Mass would not be fulfilling their obligation.
      It would be best to forget all the injury this man has done and simply pray for him and for those he harmed.

  5. PJ says:

    “It would be best to forget all the injury this man has done and simply pray for him and for those he harmed.” Really? Just “simply forget”? Victims of these collars have been changed for life by the damage caused and people like you figure we should just forget? Unbelievably hurtful for you to write this and it does nothing but make us feel even more traumatized by your minimizing what we went though. Thanks orion…your day will obviously be better than mine.

    • BC says:

      The question is – Cui bono? i.e. Who benefits?
      Indeed who benefits from posting that we should forget about a convicted pervert who is a registered sex offender and who`s DNA is kept on record for future reference? The answers are: Borne himself and/or another pervert.

      The irony is that Google has archived Orion’s silly posting. So let’s not forget and… give Google another bump up… regarding the convicted pervert Robert Borne of the Diocese of Pembroke… who’s another bastard who’s registered as a sex offender and who’s malfunctionning DNA is kept on record… just in case another case comes along…

  6. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    A term that Lina recently used very aptly sums up this “forget” thing. The victims of these pervert “priests of god”, myself included, cannot nor will not forget. Do not confuse this with forgiveness. They are two very separate and distinct actions.
    The church appears to want to “prayerfully forget” these sick criminal acts by their priests. The quicker they do this, all the better for a return to “normal business”.
    I agree entirely with PJ. I personally don’t give a crap about your references to canon law. It has absolutely nothing to do with you suggesting that we should just simply forget that it ever happened.
    You are way out of line here. Why don’t you suggest to the Jewish faith that they should just simply forget that the holocaust ever happened? Go ahead – give it a try. Mike.

    • Orion says:

      To relate any of this to what happened to the Jewish people during the Nazi regime is despicable. It doesn’t come close to that horror.
      “Forget” may not be the right word I chose but is it not better to forgive and move on? Otherwise we live with hate in our hearts and cause untold grief to ourselves.
      I am sorry to see your comments about the canon law of the church.It is under this law that Borne has been stripped of his priesthood.
      I wish you peace of mind and soul.

      • PJ says:

        Take your canon law and put it where the sun don’t shine. To watch Spotlight was like a repeat of my nightmare. Power and money corrupt and that church and it’s pervert collars/defenders hide behind those laws. Someday…maybe sooner than you think, your canon law will be dealt a fatal blow. Then where will you and them hide?

  7. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Contrary to what you say, I think you and I will have a better day. We are no longer afraid of the truth, and are willing to speak it. It will keep us free of groups and organizations that lack credibility, integrity, and the ability to police themselves.
    People like you and I no longer need things like “canon law” to hide behind, and to protect us from secular prosecution for criminal acts.
    Just a few hundred years ago, our former church managed and orchestrated the murder and torture of thousands of human beings, just because they were deemed to be heretics (non-conformers, or non-believers) It was the infallible Pope Innocent 111 who stated “Anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of God which conflicts with church dogma, must be burned without pity or mercy”.
    We have an organization here in our modern world, known as ISIS, who murder and torture people who do not believe (infidels) which we soundly condemn as a society.
    Whoa, wait just a minute here! I thought murder was a criminal act. I also was raised to believe “thou shalt not kill”, one of the ten commandments. So why was my old church doing this with impunity? Why would I want to belong to an organization such as this? A sad, sorry history of murder, kidnapping, illegitimate children, gambling debts, avarice, etc., all by infallible popes.
    The lack of integrity and credibility continues. You ask why should Borne be defrocked, but not Sullivan. Good question! Perhaps Sullivan wears a more attractive after-shave than does Borne?
    DO NOT forget, old friend! Go ahead and forgive when the time is right for you, but DO NOT forget. You and I (and others) have nothing to be ashamed about. The shame belongs to the pervert priests, and the church hierarchy who enables them. If the magic day comes when the church as an organization can see this clearly, that will be their happy day. Mike.

    • PJ says:

      Your words brought me to some emotions I try to control. Thank you, thank you for your eloquent and well written comments. sullivan’s victims number many more than borne’s, and over a much longer period of time…why he hasn’t been defrocked?? Because he was protected, that’s why.
      But not to worry, I will finally get my say…4 April, 2016. Everything will be revealed.

  8. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Quite the contrary, it is not despicable for me to relate your comments to forgetting about the holocaust. How do you know that “this” does not come close to that horror? If you would re-read my comments, you would see that “forgetting” and forgiveness are two separate items, not to be confused with each other.
    Further, my comments about canon law refer to the church hiding behind it (you can’t deny that the church has done this) to keep from secular prosecution! The church has done this repeatedly over the years. This I DO FIND despicable!
    I wish only the best for you as well, but I also hope that you pull your head out of the sand, and look at the truth of this matter. Criminal sexual acts are despicable, and the church has tried to hide this for years. (take a look back at Bernard Prince, Hod Marshall, et. al.) Mike.

  9. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Thanks! No need to worry about “calling a spade a spade”. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and bears feathers, by due process we will find that it is actually a duck. Mike.

  10. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Yes, I didn’t mean to leave Sullivan out of this! Shame on this church for leaving Sullivan a priest. He is a bottom-dwelling slime sucker, that coincidentally still has the power to perform miracles (ie – transubstantiation) Strange, eh? Mike.

  11. Sylvia says:

    Please respect the beliefs of others. Your anger is understandable, but you can surely vent without demeaning or mocking the tenets of our faith.

    • Lina says:

      Good points Sylvia.

      I remember years ago you decided to removed one particular post of mine because you said it was too controversial.

      Too bad it wasn’t remove faster because that post became a living nightmare for me. (not your fault Sylvia, I take full responsibility)

      I needed to calm down a certain priest because I really thought he was going to hurt himself.
      To this day, I still don’t understand why this priest had such over the top extreme reaction to my post.

      While I’m still a believer of using the concept of ‘examination of conscience’ this has helped me through many difficult situations and eventually gave me inner peace with decisions I’ve made in my life.

      Just one example:

      When I ask myself is that priest, bishop, or defrocked monsignor human?
      Answer: YES

      Are they divine?
      Answer: NO

      It makes sense and it works for me.

      I’ve learned so much from you Sylvia and from others at this site.

      Thank-you for all the difficult work you do!


  12. Bernie says:

    Another Wolf Gone,
    That’s right another Wolf Gone. Long over due Mr, Borne grew up in the area of my home on miller street. I compare the church with these priests as a farmer with his sheep and his fight to rid these ruthless creatures. the church had waited to long and there has been very much damage done to there reputation. Shame on them Shame on us. My Dad always told me one does not have to read the Bible to realize the heaven and hell as man on earth has created heaven and hell and mostly Hell, One has to wonder can Mr, Borne now go to confessions perhaps I could sit at his listener and he could tell me more of his sins. beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing and mr. borne has not only been defrocked but sheared of his wool or of his outer shell and soul. Let us Remember all those who suffered at the hands of this man.

  13. Lina says:

    Don’t you think the ex-monsignor Robert Borne will be compensated for keeping secrets he knows about cases and issues in the Pembroke Diocese?

    Sensitive data…the Diocese wouldn’t want their parishioners or the law to know?

    After all Robert Borne was Bishop Joseph Windle’s secretary.

    Borne held other positions in the Church as Sylvia posted under the ACCUSED list.

    Robert Borne was ordained in 1974. The first charges were laid in April 2009.

    Over 41 years Borne was in positions to accumulate vital information in the Pembroke Diocese about its priests and other clergy.

    Mr. Robert Lloyd Borne holds a vast amount of data that can help numerous cases of clergy abuse but it is highly UNLIKELY he will ever revealed that needed information.

    Robert Borne will do like other clergy members in the Pembroke Diocese have done for ever just take vital information with them to the grave for the good of the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic laity in the Pembroke Diocese is paying literally for their blind trust in their priests, monsignors and bishops.

    The system in the Pembroke Diocese needs changing if there is little change, the scandals will only repeat itself over and over again as it has for numerous decades.

    …and as for me, I’m left to cope with this crappy feeling about the Catholic clergy in the Pembroke Diocese.

  14. Paul says:

    Wow as victim #2 in this case does no one wonder why it took the catholic church 6 years to defrock?

    • JoeB says:

      I 100% blame parishioners in each and every case like this (sorry if this is offensive) It seems like they don’t get angry at their church, they would rather blame us, the victims.
      If you see a story in the news about someone other than clergy raping children …. the public is in an uproar …….. but if the Offender in a priest or connected to the church ……… The silence is deafening!

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