Important updates

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Three important updates :

(1)  Father Linus Bastien

Father Linus Bastien has a court date tomorrow:

22 January 2016: 10 am, Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue)

As I said elsewhere, I’m not sure what this court date is for.  I had called the courthouse yesterday and left a message.  The return call came today while I was out, so, I just received a message on the answering machine.  Had I been able to talk to someone I would have asked if it is to start his application certiorari  (disputing the charges with the claim that he never should have been charged).

If it is,  the hearings  will last for several days. If that’s not what it is, …? I will try to contact the court tomorrow to find what is happening.  Hopefully I can reach a live person 🙂  Meanwhile, if  anyone out there knows what is happening, please pass on the news.

As always, please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Father Stephen Amesse

Well, Father Amesse was apparently in court today for the continuation of his preliminary hearing.  Had I been able to reach a live person on the phone yesterday that would have been sorted out 🙁  My apologies to those who may have missed it.  Unfortunately I never did receive a call back.   That often happens, and is usually no problem:  I just call again.  Alas, in this case, it made a significant difference.

I am hoping that Anonymous – who kindly passed on the news that court was today – will let us know if Father Amesse is back in court tomorrow, and, if so, at what time.

Also, if today concluded the hearing the judge may have ruled on the spot if he/she has decided there is sufficient evidence to go to trial.  Did that happen?

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(3)  Donald Grecco

Thanks Mike for passing on the news regarding Donald Grecco.   In case you missed his comment, Mike Blum let us know that Grecco’s case is being moved to St, Catharine’s with his next court date 16 February.  He does have a court date in Cayuga 02 February at 20 pm.  That may well be tied into moving the charges to St. Catharine’s.  I will try to sort that out tomorrow or Monday.

And, yes, please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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