Dispute of charges starts today in Windsor

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Father Linus Bastien,    a priest with the the Diocese of London, Ontario, has a court date in Windsor, Ontario today.

Father Bastien was initially charged November 2011. He now faces at least 22 charges from seven complainants.     Today he is commencing a challenge against those charges, claiming he should never have been charged in the first place!  This process is scheduled to last three to five days.

Here are the details:

  11  January 2016:  10 am, application certiorari, scheduled for four to five days,  Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue)

I hope and pray the local media is there so we can get an idea of the process and how , after all these years and with at least seven complainants, Father Linus intends to argue that he should never have been charged.

I urge those who can do so to attend. Please pass along any news which can be made public regarding today’s proceedings.  (Will there be a publication ban, or will the public be entitled to know how Father Bastien is arguing against these charges?  I have no idea. )

Please keep the complainants and their families in your prayers.

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