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Some updates and news:

(1)  Father Denis Vaillancourt

The canon lawyer and former long-term Chancellor of the scandal-plagued Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall has a court date tomorrow:

09 December 2015:  9 am,  Alexandria, Ontario courthouse (110 Main St. North)

Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers.  If there are others out there with sex abuse or assault allegations against Father Vaillancourt I encourage them to contact police.

(2)  The theft trial by jury of Father Robert Couture resumes tomorrow (Wednesday, 08 December 2015)

09 December 2015:  TRIAL by jury continues, Windsor Superior Court of Justice (245 Windsor Avenue), Windsor, Ontario

The Crown and defence are scheduled to give closing arguments tomorrow.  I think it is possible that the case could go to the jury tomorrow?

I encourage those who can do so to attend to hear the arguments and witness the proceedings first-hand.

Please keep the former parishioners of this priest in your prayers. And, as always, please pass on news of the proceedings and/or links to media coverage.

(3) Nathan Labatt – former Scout leader and youth volunteer with Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry.

Amazing!  A trial date has been booked!  Further to that, the trial will be conducted in Kamsack, Saskatchewan.  Until now the proceedings were conducted at the courthouse in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, which is within the jurisdiction of the Saskatoon Law Court.   The trial will be held in Kamsack, which is within the jurisdiction of the Yorkton Law Court.  There must offences which transpired within the Kamsack area?  But why I wonder were the proceedings up to now conducted in Humboldt?    I suppose in due course we shall find.

For now, those of you in the Yorkton area, mark you calendars, here is the information for trial:

  12-14 July  2016:  09:30 am, TRIAL, Kamsack, Saskatchewan, courthouse, 120 Smith St. E., Kamsack, Saskatchewan (booked for three days

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(4)  Donald Grecco

Ex priest and convicted child ,molester Don Grecco had a court date today at the Cayuga, Ontaerio courthouse.  There is no news as yet of the outcome.

Please keep Grecco’s many victims in your prayers

(5)  Rocky Grimmard

As you know, Canadian Oblate priest Father Rocky Grimard managed to plea deal his charges of indecent exposure to disorderly conduct and then entered a no contest plea to the reduced charge.  He is now on six month probation.

According to information from a resident of San Antonio, Texas, there are some things we should know about San Antonio’s parks.  Apparently it is common knowledge in the area know that is too risky to go the parks alone at dusk or at night.  It is also known that many people advertise for sexual encounters on Craig’s List or answer advertisements for sex. The police set up such ads to catch the offenders. Apparently such cases

That of course raises the question of whether or not Father Grimard’s encounter with undercover police officers in the park was a chance encounter?  Did he respond to an ad in Craig’s List?  or, did he just go wandering in the park?

(5)  Bathurst, New Brunswick Diocese lawsuit

07 December 2015:  Insurance company says Bathurst diocese knew of abuse by priests

As I blogged elsewhere:

“There is no coverage for criminal activity.”

“Chris Blom, one of the lawyers representing the diocese, acknowledges the church had knowledge some priests were molesting children.

“But, Blom argued that in the 1950s and several decades that followed, the diocese did not know abuse was an insurance risk. And he said the insurer never asked the diocese whether there was abuse within the church.”

Can you believe it?

Really??? Can you believe your eyes?

“…the diocese did not know abuse was insurance risk”?

I read that as implying that if indeed the diocese HAD known that sexual abuse was an insurance risk it would NOT have recycles predatory priests, do you?

The bishop and Church officials in the diocese would NOT of their own volition – out of love for God, Church and salvation of souls – ensure that children were not willfully placed at risk, and that predatory priests were kicked out of the priesthood? but, that IF they had known that their insuring agent would not fund ‘cover-ups’ and tolerance of these horrific crimes they might have taken action?

What a pathetic and disgusting defence.

(6)  Australia

And, lots of interesting news from Australia:

08 December 2015:  Inquiry: Pell overheard discussing abuse of boys by Ridsdale” & related articles

08 December 2015:  Victoria Police to apologise for forcing out officer pursuing paedophile priest  

08 December 2015:  “Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson applies for permanent stay on charge of concealing child sexual abuse” & related articles

Enough for now,


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