Dancing on the head of a legal pin

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The theft jury trial of London Diocese priest Father Robert Couture continues.

There are two articles posted covering yesterday’s testimony, and one CBC article from Wednesday’s testimony.  Here they are:

02 December 2015:  Priest tells jury he didn’t steal money from Tecumseh church   (Accused/Accused A-F/Couture:  Father Robert Couture)

03 December 2015:  “Expert testifies former pastor didn’t steal anything because the money belonged to him” & related article 

Talk about dancing on the head of a legal pin!   I’m not sure that a jury will see how absolutely ridiculous the defence here is, but, if the jury is comprised of non-Catholics, or Catholics who, like most, know little about the inner workings of a parish, this lame defence could well float.

This is disgusting.  The claim is that Father Couture had a gross income of   $85,000 to $95,000!!!

I don’t know.  None if this sits right.  Those of you who have been involved in any way shape or form in the inner working of a parish know that the manner in which bank accounts, collections and administration of the Sacraments were handled by Father Couture are not the norm.

Anyway, we will have to wait it out and see what the jury thinks.   I have no idea who is being called to testify today.


I am now going to round up and post information  on the mess in the Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick,  specifically regarding the lawsuit launched by the diocese against the Aviva insurance company.  The latter it seems has refused to pay settlement monies to victims in the Bathurst arm of the two Bastarache ‘Conciliation’ deals.

Thank you to those who brought this to my attention.  There is a fair bit of coverage in French:  I will do google translations on some and trust that those of you who are bilingual will send corrections on the more outrageous translations 🙂

Enough for now,


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