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And here’s the latest news on those whose cases are, in most cases, worming their way through the courts

(1)  Nathan Labatt  (Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan)

The next court date for

07 December  2015: 10 am, Humboldt courthouse, Humboldt, Sask (805 8th Avenue)

Thankfully  Discover Humboldt is very vigilant in keeping abreast the local courtdates.  That’s the first place I check now after Labbatt has a courtdate, and so,m this from today.

16 November 2015:  Court Adjournments for Two Local Cases

Labatt was charged in February of this year.  Relatively speaking this is early, but it still seems that the revolving door is a a-spinning and this is going on and and on forever, does it not?

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Father Denis Vaillancourt  (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)

As promised, the start time for Father Denis Vaillancourt’s 18 November courtdate date in Alexandria, Ontario is 9 am.

Keep the complainant in your prayers.

(3)  Father Lionel Bastien  (Diocese of London, Ontario)

Several lawsuits have been launched against Father Lionel Bastien:

16 November 2015:  “Former Area Priest Facing Civil Suit” & related article

Yo may recall that Father Bastien was first charged October 2o11 (four years ago!!!)  and then faced additional charges in January of 2012, and more in November 2012.

The case has yet to go to trial!!!

This unfortunately is what so many victims/complainants must endure when criminal charges are laid.  I call it the  revolving courtroom door.  This I will truly never understand.  If there is a shortage of courtrooms, then for goodness sake build more courthouses.  If there is a shortage of judges, then for goodness sake hire more.  If these is a shortage of Crowns attorney, then for goodness sake hire more.  No one should have to endure these interminable delays which, at the end of the day, serve no one well but the accused.

What is wrong with the system that the Crowns can’t get these cases to trial in a timely fashion?  And, yes, what is wrong with a system which so often allows these cases  to drag on and on for years and then, suddenly, at the 11 th hour, the accused decides that, well, after a bit of reflection, he now realizes that he indeed molest his accuser(s).

And, yes, what is wrong with Church officials and Church lawyers who allow these kind of courtroom shenanigans to play out time and time again.    If a priest did it, then he did it.  Simple.  If he denies for years before an 11th hour plea, then he’s lying, and in doing so subjecting his victims to ridicule while inferring that they are liars.  I truly do not believe that any molester should get a pat on the back for an 11th hour guilty plea.  (Nor for that matter do I believe in kid gloves for ‘suspect’ molesters because of their age.  Why should a priest who has eluded justice and lived a lie for a lifetime be rewarded specifically because he has eluded justice and lived a lie for a lifetime?)

Anyway. that brings me to…..

(4)  Father John Sullivan  (Diocese of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario)

I’m still waiting for a call back to get the next court date for Father John Sullivan.  I did try calling again today but reached an answering machine again, so will just have to wait it out 🙁

(Yes, this batch of charges against this previously serial clerical molester were laid in 2012.   And, yes, he is still Father Sullivan, and whether active or not, he is still very much a priest in the Roman Catholic charge, and a convicted child molester.)  2012, and two more charges in Fall of 2012.

Please keep Father Sullivan’s many victims in your prayers.

(5)  Father Rocky Grimard

I think Father Grimard is free.  I think.  From what I can see here the charge was reduced, he has to pay a fine of $450 and $219 court costs, and that’s it?   Take a look. (Click to enlarge each image for easier read)

Grimard offense reduced screen shot 16 Nov 2015


Grimard screenshot charges reduced and fined 16 November 2015









Hopefully there will be some media coverage tomorrow.  If not, I will make some calls to see if I can find out exactly what happened here. If you see anything in the papers please post a comment and/or send me a link.

Enough for now,


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