Who will replace the Bishop?

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I am awaiting a call back on the next court date for serial and previously convicted child molester Father John E Sullivan.  His last court-date was 10 November.  As soon as I get word I will let you know.


And, as BC pointed out, an article in the Windsor Star regarding Deborah Kloos’ ongoing, and hopefully successful efforts, to have a day of prayer for victims of clerical sexual abuse, and indeed all victims of childhood sexual abuse:

10 November 2015:  Survivor of clergy abuse urges Catholic church to pray together 

Good for you Deborah.  It looks as though your perseverance may well pay off.  I do hope and pray that those in the London Diocese who were so strangely and strongly adverse to the very idea of praying for victims at Mass will now reconsider and acknowledge the benefits of those prayers which are offered up during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


After only a little three years at the helm, the current Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall,  Marcel Damphousse, is moving on.  Bishop Damphousee, who took over the scandal-ridden diocese in September 2012, will become the Bishop of Sault Ste, Marie, Ontario, replacing retiring Bishop Jean-Louis Plouffe.

Who, I wonder,  will replace Bishop Damphousse ?   Remember that, as of late October of this year,  Father Denis Vaillancourt,  the former and long-term Chancellor of the diocese who had his finger in every clerical abuse pie in the diocese for the past 30 years is facing sexual assault charges.


I am deluged with computer woes.  I am sure you are as tired of hearing this as I am of telling you.  But truly this time it falls into the category of it never rains but it pours.   There is no need to recount the problems, suffice to say that today my head came up above water,  and I finally saw a  light at the end of the tunnel in at least one of multiple serious problems.  There is still much to do to fix this one problem, and after it another, and after it yet another 🙁

Say another we prayer for me.  As you know, I am no computer nerd.

Enough for now,


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