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A few more dates have been added to the Father Denis Vaillancourt page.  I have also pulled out  my copy of the 1967 yearbook from the Cornwall Classical College, and there, lo and behold, is a picture of a very young Denis Vaillancourt (Class of ’69),  and there, some pages later, is Jacques Leduc (11B).  Also of note is that there, amidst the pictures of the 24 or so Viatorian priests teaching at the college at that time are those of Fathers Ronald Leger csv and Paul Desilets csv.  Father Leger, you may recall,  entered a GUILTY plea in Winnipeg to charges related to sex abuse of young boys in the ’80s and early 2000s in Manitoba.  Father Desilets, who transferred to the States after the Classical College closed its doors in 1968,  entered a guilty plea in Massachusetts in 2002  to 32 charges related to the sex abuse of 18 former altar boys.

Anyway, I will scan and post the yearbook picture of Denis Vaillancourt tomorrow.  There is also a picture of him receiving an award of honour of some sort (it’s all in French).  I’ll scan that one too.

In my last blog I made reference to a blog regarding Jacques Leduc and Father Vaillancourt’s peculiar notion regarding consent and a victims predisposition to homosexuality.  This is it:  16 July 2008:  BLOG  I am ashamed  You will find it if you scroll down the page to #4 under “a few further points.”

What a shame that we never heard Leduc’s explanation.  It sounds as though he and Father Vaillancourt had perhaps jointly concluded that if they felt that a victim was ‘predisposed’ to homosexuality then there was no  need of consent?

No that note, I  am calling it a day

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