Seriously. He said that

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The name of Father Denis Vaillancourt has been added to the Accused list.  The page is far from complete.  Thankfully there was already a fair bit of information on website so I was able to snatch and transfer that, but there is much more which needs to be added.

I am calling it quits for today.  I will get back at it later tomorrow.

I must say the mind has been positively churning as I worked my way through the information and a number of blogs posted during the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  I have been thinking of Dave Silmser, Perry and Helen Dunlop, and the many many victims in Cornwall – those victims who found the courage to come forward, and the countless victims who have not.

I’ve been thinking of you John.

And, oh my goodness I have been thinking of Carson (God rest his dear soul)

And, yes, I’ve been thinking a lot of Jacques Leduc‘s first stay.  And thinking of the group who headed straight from the courthouse to the diocesan centre to give the bishop a piece of their minds.  The bishop wasn’t there.  They met with, ah yes, indeed, they met with none other than Father Denis Vaillancourt!  The chancellor.  Down in the/a boardroom.

The distraught mother of one the Leduc victims – oh yes, “alleged” victims – was there, the mother who had been made out to be a liar by Leduc’s high-priced dream team.  Unfortunately the poor soul was there when Father Denis Vaillancourt  had the audacity to tell the group  that sexual abuse is only a serous matter when the boys are post-pubescent!  He really and truly said that.  A Roman Catholic priest.  A canon lawyer.  Yes, sad to say, he said that.  There were many witnesses in that boardroom, myself included.

No victim’s mother needs to here that.  Ever. From anyone, let alone a priest.  At any time, let alone after the man who molested her boy has ‘walked’ – on a technicality.

So, I was thinking of that day in the boardroom, and honestly Jacques Leduc’s testimony had slipped my slipped my mind completely, and then I cam across it.  As I was pulling the information together, there it was, that part where Leduc said that back in 1986 he and Father Vaillancourt  shared an intriguing notion (my words, not his) that if a victim was “predisposed” to homosexuality that predisposition could have a bearing on the victim’s “consent” to the abuse.

Seriously.  He said that.  I think I have that section of the transcript posted in one of those blogs. I intended to post that particular blog so you could see it for yourselves.  I won’t go hunting for it now, but, I will check tomorrow and promise that if it’s not there now it will be by Sunday night.

Jacques Leduc and Father Vaillancourt, by the way, went to Classical College together.  They even. for that matter, studied Canon Law together. I think actually that

I swear to goodness that the pair of them have had their noses into and fingers on the pulse of virtually every allegation of clerical sexual abuse which hit that diocese.  I will have to think this through, but honest to goodness I do believe the pair of them probably were in on the ground floor for every single one.

Anyway, I must wrap up for now.  There is lots and lots to be done on rounding up my info.  I will will get back at it tomorrow.

A final note here.  I commend the complainant who went to police.  I strongly urge everyone to keep this man, whomever he may be, in their prayers.  strong.

Enough for now,


PS  I will tidy up the order and layout and so on on the page as I add information.

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2 Responses to Seriously. He said that

  1. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I am a bit behind on the above matter, but suffice to say am astonished at the crass and horrible statement made by this obviously intelligent, but sick and deranged “priest”.
    Does his bishop agree with, and condone this really sick statement? Is this the official belief from the Church? Mike.

    • John MacDonald says:

      Hey Mike…….So happy to see that you are back to posting here. In answer to your questions…..”Is this the official belief from the church?” IMHO it is a belief that is rampant throughout the priesthood. Sylvia often says that the church has been hijacked by pervert priests and their like, I am seeing her point more and more. Not that I never saw it, just now seeing how rampant it is.

      I remember sitting in on that meeting when Vaillancourt uttered those words, as much as we were shocked to hear those words he was not even fazed by our reaction to hearing it, which tells me just how deeply ingrained that belief is.

      In answer to your question “Does his bishop agree with, and condone this really sick statement?” Read up more on Bishop Eugene LaRocque (who was bishop at that time) and then you tell me.

      John MacDonald

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