His own seaplane?!

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The name of Father Gustave Lampron, a priest ordained in 1935 for the Diocese of Hearst, Ontario, has been added to the Accused list.

Note that, according to the Drumondville Quebec Historical Society, in July 1952 Father Lampron flew to visit family in Drummondville in his own seaplane!!!

If that is indeed fact, where in the name of goodness did he get the money to buy a seaplane?  Perhaps his family was well-to-do?

Anyway, I have posted what information I have been able to round up.  If anyone has any further information please pass it along.


A few details have been added to the Father Henry Maloney page (07 July 1987), including his date of death (07 July 1987 ), and the fact that he was serving in Combermere in 1942.  He was ordained in 1941 so it looks as though perhaps Combermere was his first assignment as a priest?

If anyone can add further info please get in touch. (via private email via “Contact Sylvia” button on horizontal menu above)

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