Picking up boys for hockey games

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Finally, the courtdates:

(1)  Nathan Labatt

The next court date for former youth volunteer with Archdiocese of Regina and scout leader Nathan Labatt is:

16 November 2015: 10 am “for election,” Humboldt courthouse, Humboldt, Sask (805 8th Avenue)

Labatt, who faces charges of invitation to sexual touching, sexual exploitation and possession of child porn, was charged January of this year.

“For election” means that it is opportunity for Labbat to enter a guilty plea or time at which the Crown will advise whether the offences are indictable or summary.  It is difficult to know if anything will happen on this date.  It could be adjourned.  Hard to know.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.

(2)  Father John Sullivan

The next court date for previously convicted serial molester Father John Sullivan is:

10 November 2015:  09:30 am, “to be spoken to,”  courtroom #101, North Bay, Ontario court house (360 Plouffe Street)

The current charges against Father Sullivan, a diocesan priest with the Diocese of Sault Ste Marie, were laid in 2012.  As those of you who follow Sylvia’s Site know all too well these charges seem to have been going nowhere since they were laid.  One court date after the other, after the other, after the other.

Please keep those poor complainants in your prayers.


I will, as I mentioned elsewhere, be adding the name of Father Gustave Lampron to the Accused list.  Father Lampron was a priest with the Diocese of Hearst, Ontario.


I have been told by several sources that Father Henry Maloney would regularly picked up young lads and squired them to hockey games in Ottawa, Pembroke and elsewhere.  He would, I was told by one source, even drive from Eganville to pick up one of several boys in Campbell’s Bay, then drive to Ottawa for a game, then take the boy back to Campbell’s Bay, and then back he went to Eganville.  A lot of driving!!!!

It sounds as though he was assigned to St. James in Eganville around 1948, where he served until 1957, at which time he was transferred to Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church, Bancroft, Ontario.  I was told that Catholics in Eganville were surprised when he landed at St. James:  it apparently just was not at all the norm to assign a priest to his home parish.

I am working my way through a book which hopefully will provide a few more details.  If anyone can fill in any of the gaps please let me know.

Enough for now,


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