More on the ‘sweet deal’

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More on the ‘sweet deal’ earned by ex-priest, serial molester and Oblate Eric Dejaeger:

23 October 2015:  “Nunavut court accepts joint sentence deal on Dejaeger’s Alberta sex crimes” & related articles

Two things from Jm Bell’s excellent recap:

(1)   ““It is likely that all victims of Mr. Dejaeger have now come forward,” [Justice] Cooper said.”


What in the world would cause Justice Cooper to draw such a conclusion?  I have personally heard of other victims who have not, and perhaps never will, come forward.

(2)  “Cooper imposed four five-year sentences on Dejaeger for each of his Alberta convictions, to be served concurrently — which means he’ll serve them at the same time.

“Also, the four five-year sentences are to be served concurrently with the 11-year penalty that Kilpatrick imposed earlier this year, Cooper said.

“In explaining her decision, Cooper said judges in Canada are bound by case law to accept sentence submissions that arise from negotiations between Crown and defence lawyers.

“She said judges may only reject such negotiated sentence submissions if they are so unprecedented they threaten to bring the justice system into disrepute.

“I understand that is difficult for the public to understand this,’ Cooper said.”

Note particularly:  ““I understand that is difficult for the public to understand this.”

Amen to that!  And, I might add,as difficult as I find it to understand – and I have great difficulty with this –  I do believe it is  even more difficult for the victims to understand.

And, of course, note the reference to acceptance of ‘negotiations’ between Crown and defence.’   That’s what I refer to as the ‘sweet deal.’  The Crown agreed to this!  As unbelievable as it seems, the Crown actually agreed that Eric Dejaeger would not spend one single day behind bars for his long term sexual abuse of those three children: an eight-year-old Long Cache boy from 1974 and 1976,  and an eight-year-old Edmonton boy and his six-year-old sister between 1975 and 1978.

So, no jail for the sex abuse of these three little ones.

Now, let’s not for a moment forget that once upon a time Dejaeger was facing a charge for fleeing the country  to avoid court.  That charge disappeared into thin air.  Poof!  Gone!!

I’d say that Eric Dejaeger, former priest. former fugitive from justice, serial child molester who was also into bestiality,  has fared not too badly.

Do you know that there more than 30 court dates tied into these Edmonton charges.  More than 30!  Those of you who have been through the ‘system’ know what that is like.  Each court date – and the days leading up to it –  is a mini agony.  And then:  nothing.  Over, and over and over.  The revolving door.  Then, finally, after , and not until after Dejaeger was convicted on the Nunavut charges, a sweet deal on the Edmonton charges.

It’s all so terribly wrong.  Yes, of course, it works well for Dejaeger.  It’s ‘right’ for him, is it not?  I doubt that he has any complaints at all.  Why would he complain?  He sexually abused those poor little souls for years, and, what does he get?  kid gloves from the judiciary.

Yes, indeed, and true enough there are the guilty pleas.  I try constantly to remind myself  of that.  Presumably we – and most definitely the victims – must be thankful.  Crumbs from under the table.  No more.  No less.

Please, as always. keep the victims in your prayers.  And, yes, their families.

Enough for now,


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