Emails will now reach me

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My problems are far from resolved, but I have changed the email address on the contact form (“Contact Sylvia” on the horizontal menu above).  All email sent via this route will reach me, and, yes, they are private and seen by my eyes only,

You will note that I removed the email contact which was on the sidebar to the right.  That is the simplest way to deal with it at this time.  So, to reach me please send email by clicking on the “Contact Sylvia” button above.

There were a few emails which I had not answered yet.  Would those of you who sent me an email over the past few days please re-send.  I will eventually be able to access them, but not sure how long that will take, and I do want to answer you.

Say a wee prayer please for resolution of the current computer headaches.

Enough for now,


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