Dejager to be sentenced – again

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Ex Priest, Oblate and serial child molester Eric Dejaeger will be sentenced – again – tomorrow (22 October 2015) in Nunavut:

22 October  2015: 1:30 pm,  sentencing, Iqaluit courthouse, Nunavut

This is sentencing on the Edmonton Alberta charges related to the sex abuse of two boys and one girl  in the 70s.  At the time, Dejaeger, just over from his native Belgium,  was a seminarian.

The Edmonton charges were laid in the Fall of 2011.  On 29 September 2015 – nearly four full years later – Dejaeger pled guilty to a whittled down two counts of gross indecency, one count of indecent assault on a female, and one count of indecent assault on a male.

Many of you will recall that Dejeager, who had been twice convicted in Canada before fleeing to elude further charges and justice, was deported from Belgium in January 2011.  After his return to Nunavut, Canada he eventually faced a total of 80 charge.  He pled guilty to eight of those charges, and on 10 September 2014 was found guilty on further 24.

Please keep the Alberta victims and their families in your prayers.  As always, please send links to any media coverage or news of the outcome.  Please either contact me via my personal email address (for those who have it) or here.


I have heard nothing on the outcome of the 19 October 2015 Nathan Labatt courtdate?   Is it yet another courtdate in Humboldt, Saskatchewan?  I will check tomorrow.


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3 Responses to Dejager to be sentenced – again

  1. just another victim says:

    News just came down that Dejaeger was sentenced to five years, but not five more years. Sentences are concurrent to the 19 year sentence so no more jail time for him.

  2. Michel B. says:

    Another article has him appealing everything another court date in november so he can get a lawyer. It just never ends, the gall !

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