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Alas, Father Ronald Leger csv,  has not yet been sentenced.  The Viatorian priest and former Cornwall Classical College student and teacher  entered guilty pleas to four charges related to the sexual abuse of two boys – two charges date to the 1980s, and two date to between late 2002 and  late 2004.

Father Leger had a court date 30 September which I had thought would be for sentencing.  It seems however that that court date was remanded to January 2016.  His next court date is:

19 January 2016:  10 am, courtroom #402, Winnipeg courthouse,

Why the delay?  I have no idea.  I imagine that Father Leger is not at all upset.  No jail until after Christmas.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.


I have a bit of a cold or flu so, for fear of passing my germs on to others, I decided to stay home today.  I have now posted Part Two of  the Barry Hendry article in the 08 October 2015 in the Bancroft Times, “Catholic Priest Falls From Grace:  Pembroke Diocese vs Local Abuse Victim”  As before, the article is scanned.  This one is posted in two parts.  Thank you to the thoughtful reader who kindly scanned and sent the article my way 🙂  There are many many people who are anxiously waiting to read Part 2.  Here it is:

(1) 08 September 2015:  Catholic Priest Fall From Grace:  Part 2 – first page

(2)  08 September 2015:  Mahoney Bancroft Catholic Priest Falls From Grace:  Part 2 second page

Also in relation to Father Henry Maloney, there are two Statements of Claim posted.  And, here they are:

September 2014:  Statement of Claim identifying Father Henry Maloney as a molester (redacted)  (Elsewhere I identify the victim who filed this suit as “Joe.”  According to Joe he was molested by Father Maloney over a period of about two years in the late 1940s.  Joe recalls that he would have been between the ages of nine and 11 at the time.)

04 July 2012:       Mike Fitzgerald Statement of Claim re abuse by Father Henry Maloney  (Mike was groomed then molested by Father Maloney between 1972 and 1974.  Mike was between the ages of 16 and 18.)

A lot to digest.

I will leave it that for now,

And, so, of course, hat’s enough for now,


P.S.  It just crossed m mind that a lot of people think that the amounts entered in the Statements of Claim are the amounts which are eventually paid out when a suit is settled out of court.  Not at all.  Far from it.  There is a lot of dickering.  I have no idea what the final settlement was for Mike Fitzgerald, but I can tell that the final settlement in Canada is nowhere near the amount mentioned in these lawsuits.  I just wanted to mention that.  The bottom line of course is that no amount is ever ‘enough.’

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