Another Pembroke priest added to ‘the list’

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Well, sad to say on one hand, but happy to do so ont he other, there is yet another name to add to the list of those “Accused.”

In the Spring of this year the Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario settled a lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed amount.  In the lawsuit Mike Fitzgerald identifies Father Henry Maloney (Henri-Joseph) as his molester.

Maloney, now deceased, was ordained for the Diocese of Pembroke in 1947 1941

I have been advised by a reliable source that Part 1 of a two-part article  which ran earlier this week in a Bancroft, Ontario newspaper has prompted Bishop Michael Mulhall, the Bishop of the Pembroke Diocese, to issue a statement to his clergy regarding the article.  The Bancroft paper unfortunately is not online, but I understand that Part One is a full 2-pages detailing the abuse and the circumstances surrounding the abuse endured by Mike.  I will hopefully have a fully copy of the article to post early next week.   I will also post a copy of the Bishop’s tomorrow.

Father “Henry” Maloney will be added to the list on the weekend, along with what information I have on hand regarding both his years in the Pembroke Diocese and the abuse of young Mike Fitzgerald.

Well done, Mike!  Well done for finding the courage to speak out.  Good for you!  My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I hear there is another Maloney victim who has come forward too.  I commend him too.

More to come….

Enough for now,


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22 Responses to Another Pembroke priest added to ‘the list’

  1. John MacDonald says:

    Atta boy Mike…..Makes me happy to hear this news!!!

    John MacDonald

  2. Sylvia says:

    Father Henry Maloney‘s name has been added and a page with further info is well under way. More info will be added.

    Also, the letter from Bishop Mulhall has been posted.

  3. Larry Green says:

    Cannot imagine for the life of me why this would not have been published in the Pembroke Observer or local radio. Unbelievable.
    Sylvia, do you have any idea when and/or how Malloney died ?

  4. Sylvia says:

    The Observer and local media probably knew nothing about the lawsuit Larry. That often happens. If they don’t know about it they can’t write it up.

    He died in 1986. I’m not sure of the cause, but don’t recall ever hearing there was anything untoward about his death.

  5. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Thank you John. I’ve missed you!!! The tangled web continues, huh? Mike.

  6. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Your local papers had lots of advance notice that this matter was going to press – it appears that they chose to ignore the notice, for whatever reason.
    Part 2 of this article will appear in “The Bancroft Times” today. Mike.

  7. Larry Green says:

    Sylvia, thank you for your kind response.

    Mike, I sincerely hope that this process finds some sense of justice for you and I hope it serves to help you in your healing process in the days and years to come.

    Thanks Mike for that information. The local media here in Pembroke so routinely practices biased and extremely UN-professional reporting as they have here in your particular case as well as so many others.

    I hope and pray for nothing but the best for you Mike Fitzgerald.

    • 1abandonedsheep says:

      Larry- just a suggestion. Perhaps you could phone the Eganville Leader and talk to Gerald Tracey, the Editor, and call the Observer, and ask why they are avoiding publishing something about this story. If they did publish it, I am pretty certain that a few more victims would consider coming forward. There are more victims !

      • Larry Green says:

        Thanks 1 abandoned sheep, I will do just that!

        • 1abandonedsheep says:

          Larry, I was speaking with the News room at the Observer about 4:10 p m today, and they said they had not heard of this story. I told the reporter they could find the info on Sylvia s Site, and through the Bancroft paper. She sais she would get on it.

        • 1abandonedsheep says:

          Larry, I was speaking with the News room at the Observer about 4:10 p m today, and they said they had not heard of this story. I told the reporter they could find the info on Sylvia s Site, and through the Bancroft paper. She said she would get on it.

  8. jg says:

    Very happy to hear SOME accounting was finally done! I hope you get a measure of relief from the “noise” inside. You deserve it and then some.
    ….11 children!? …that’s a lot of noise outside! Hope you are all well and united as a family. You deserve that also; we all do but it takes some effort, especially in these times.
    Take care.

  9. Miecul says:

    Thanks for sharing Mike. Sylvia was also what kept me grounded. She helped me through some dark times I never thought I’d ever come out of. The sound of him in my head has quieted down again thank God. I really hope you can find peace and happiness Mike. One can’t just move on from something so traumatic, but one can take back what was once stolen from him or her. God Bless Mike and to anyone else who might be reading the life and traumatic experiences of our past. These stories will hopefully give you the strength to come forward and take back what was once yours.

  10. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I have so many of you to thank, so I’m not going to single anyone out. These last few weeks have been a very emotionally charged time for me, because of the release of my life story.
    I am SO grateful to all of you for your support and encouragement! It has made “the journey” much more substantial and empowering. As a result of your support in this, I have been re-united with a lot of old school chums, have been able to speak to a number of other families who have directly or indirectly suffered also at the hands of my abuser, and now have the fortitude to encourage and support others who I hope will also embark on the journey.
    My hope is that if you are carrying this same burden that I, and numerous others on this site have, PLEASE do something about it. Only good can come of it. None of us need fear the truth any longer.
    There are others out there who still deny that any of this could, or has happened. This includes the church unfortunately. When the church refers to me or you as an “alleged victim” it essentially starts the abuse all over again, but with good support in place (such as this site) the “journey” is much easier and more empowering.
    In a twisted sort of way, I am very glad that other victims of this monster are coming forward. I felt SO alone when I first contacted Rob Talach – I felt he didn’t believe me at first, because he said he wouldn’t take me on until I had a support system in place, and entered a counselling program. In hindsight it was the best thing that could have happened, and I am deeply grateful to Rob for his continuing support, advice, and encouragement.
    I am deeply grateful to Sylvia. She has put up with a lot of sh– throughout these years only for all of our collective goods.
    If I can be of ANY help to any of you, including those who have not come forward yet, please speak up. I’m here.
    Thank you all again! You are all in my heart forever. Mike.

    • Lina says:

      This may be uncomfortable and somewhat taboo?

      There must be others who are experiencing similar thoughts, even though we are good imperfect people who are trying our best to live this journey of life.

      For the longest time, I went through such a spiritual, emotional turmoil with the Catholic Church, its teachings and some of their clergy.

      Catholicism, it’s all I knew since my early childhood.

      I’m aware of bad clergy and Catholicism stuff and oh yes; the clergy abuse crisis has been going on like…forever.

      I’m better at not letting people make me feel shame, guilt or even unworthy of being loved.

      There should be no hesitation to question, investigate and learn.

      With all my faults, failures and transgressions, I could take part in “the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation” and would be welcomed back.

      I don’t remember the exact moment or the time of day but something deep inside me shattered into countless jagged pieces.

      I’ve come to the realization to return as a practicing Roman Catholic would be against my inner self.

      To a certain point, I do respect people who practice their Catholic faith.
      Such as…family relatives, friends and so many others who still manage to find joy practicing their faith like I did for so many decades.

      The Catholic Church I once believed in with all my heart and at my death I would live happily ever after, that church cease to exist for me.

      There is no need to walk on eggshells around me. I am stronger than you think. Be not afraid to talk or share your Catholic faith in front of me.

      If anyone should know about Catholicism it’s me, after all I was a practicing Catholic for over 50 years and that includes 20 years a nun (a friend) who was like a spiritual adviser to me.

      The Catholic Church has been a powerful influence in my life nevertheless I’ve moved on.

      Many thanks to all and specially to Sylvia and Mike for hearing me out and being part of my healing process.


  11. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    You are entirely deserving of love, and you have mine. Please don’t forget it! Mike.

    • Lina says:

      Thank you for those kind words Mike.

      I saw your story on CBC. You did good as well has Sylvia.

      It was a great informative piece.

      I wasn’t surprise when interviewer said the Pembroke and Ottawa diocese did not want to comment.
      So typical of their practice and policy.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Yes, Lina, such much hurt, and so much pain, and so many disappointments. You are not alone. I hear it from so many.

    In a strange way I can relate to your comment that “I’ve come to the realization to return as a practicing Roman Catholic would be against my inner self,” but in the reverse. I was married for 15 years before I became a Catholic. I felt very strongly that I would be a hypocrite to convert and try to pass myself off as and act like a Roman Catholic when there were so many things I didn’t believe in. Fifteen years later I converted. But, it was 15 years. So, yes, I understand totally what you are saying.

    We’ve ‘known’ each other for a long long time now. You’ve watched Sylvia’s Site go through a multitude of gyrations, right back to the days when I was restricting the number of comments posted each day! and tearing my hair out wondering how to handle those who were causing chaos on the site. Do you remember those days? 🙂 You know that my thought and prayers are with you Lina. They always have been, and always will.

    • Lina says:

      Oh yes I do recall those times Sylvia,

      Remember when you had to make the difficult decision to ban two priests from this site. I felt somewhat responsible to a certain degree. I won’t go there for obvious reasons.
      I will only say… at least I listened to you Sylvia. 🙂

      I remember (still a practicing Catholic) I felt guilty because I was not completely honest with this one particular priest.

      He said I could talk to him about anything, that he was a very good listener.

      He shared stuff with me and even though it was common knowledge it would still be wise to keep it ‘between just us’.

      I did get rid of all those correspondences but not before I let my son read ONE of them.

      By sharing that ONE correspondence with my son that was the best thing I could ever have done; because it eventually stopped ‘the secrets’.

      As I was going through my spiritual and emotional turmoil with Catholicism.

      I realized I was not losing my mind, I was being paranoid. What was happening I was becoming experienced in how the clergy can use their training in manipulation, deception and wrapped it all up in a damage control blanket.

      Sylvia, I would NEVER discourage a person to pray, go to church or talk to a priest.

      I just don’t easily dismiss my gut instincts when it comes to the Catholic clergy in the Pembroke diocese.

      I can only speak for myself with my limited experiences.

      A big thank-you for all you do!


      • Sylvia says:

        Yes, Lina, I remember every minute 🙂 And, no, not your fault at all.

        • Lina says:

          Sylvia, you have been always fair to me.

          You do important work and protect the credibility of this vital website.

          I notice in my last post it should have read:
          ‘I wasn’t being paranoid’.

          Thank goodness those days of paranoia are gone. Such as…if this priest can bless me can he put curses on me? I will never see myself out of this agony of the garden and so on and so on…

          I’m so grateful for all the variety of good help and support especially from my loved ones.

          I’ve accepted the reality where I’m at, that includes knowing one day I will not be buried in consecrated ground.

          At times it can be tough, nevertheless a practicing Catholic can easily get along with a non practicing Catholic.

          Thank-you so much Sylvia!


  13. Sylvia says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Lina. Someday perhaps we will get together and have a good chit-chat, right?

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