His first opportunity to plead guilty?!!!

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Former Cornwall Classical College student and teacher Father Ronald Leger csv has a court date today at 1 pm:

 30 September 2015:  1 pm, courtroom #301, Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (408 York Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I was unable to find out exactly what this is for, but, since the Viatorian priest entered a guilty plea 13 July 2015, I think it must be  either sentencing or a sentencing hearing?

Hopefully someone within easy driving distance in the city can attend?

Please keep the victims and their families in yer prayers.  And, please, if you hear or see any news of the outcome of today’s proceedings,   pass on the news.


An article on yesterday’s  Eric Dejaeger guilty pleas  yesterday in Iqaluit on the Edmonton Alberta charges.

30 September 2015:  Nunavut pedophile priest convicted on four more sex charges 

The victims:  a six-year-old girl and her brother from one  family, and a little Aboriginal altar boy from another.  In each case Dejaeger – then a seminarian – had befriended the families of his victims.  Dejaeger was, in fact, so trusted that he occasionally baby sat.

Note the following:

A mitigating factor in sentencing the judge should consider, Kempt said, is that Dejaeger pleaded guilty to the charges as soon as was possible.

“He didn’t want these [complainants] to have to testify at trial… he doesn’t want to see anyone else suffer through that process,” Kempt said.

Can you believe it?  Those charges were  laid November 2011.  We are truly to believe that this was Dejeager’s  first opportunity in four years to plead guilty?  I’m sorry, but  for one don’t buy that:  not for a moment.  If Dejaeger had wanted to enter a guilty plea to the charges in the past nearly four years he would have found a way to do so, and his lawyer would have found a way to make it happen.

Note that no matter the sentence handed down by the  judge on 21 October Dejeager will probably not spend one single extra day in jail for his repeated and long term sex abuse of children while he was masquerading as a seminarian. No matter the sentence, it will, according to what we read here,  run concurrently to the sentence Dejaeger is now serving for his crimes in Nunavut.  Dejaeger is currently serving 11 years of an 18-year sentence (he received 2:1 time).

Is there a possibility though that he could spend a year or two extra behind bars as a ‘gentle’ reminder to both Dejaeger and others that he was in full serial molest mode well before he was serving in the North as an ordained Oblate priest?

For example, if Justice Cooper rules that Dejeager will serve five years for each of the victims, that would mean he will serve 15 years.  The 15 years is to run concurrent.  I’m not sure if the Nunavut sentence of 18 years whittled to 11 with 2:1 credit for time served would cover the 15 years?  Does anyone know?  I get the impression from what I read that there is no way  that Dejaeger will spend one extra day behind bars for the horrific  abuse he inflicted upon these Alberta children and their families.  A shame.

But, yes, – it is a guilty plea.  A relief I am sure for the courageous victims and their families.  Please keep them all in your prayers as they await sentencing at 1:30 pm on 21 October 2015.

Enough for now,





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3 Responses to His first opportunity to plead guilty?!!!

  1. northern fancy says:

    Damn the enablers!!

    #1 The Oblate Order — who defended and supported EDJ although the victim reports were so consistent and the facts were so clear;
    #2 Michael Kempt, EDJ’s lawyer, who grilled the Igloolik victims — what an unlevel playing field THAT was — and suddenly accepted similar misdeeds as fact when presented by the Edmonton victims some months later.

    Sylvia, thank you for shining a light in the dark corner of cleric sexual abuse of children AND also naming the enablers who willingly and knowingly add to the pain of the victims of Eric Dejaeger.

    The Oblate Order and Michael Kempt: Lets remember their names; Lets remember their deeds.

    • PJ says:

      Not to hijack this thread but let’s include the basilian buffoons in the enablers department too. They have many many instances of protecting pervert collars to the detriment of victims.

  2. 1yellowknife says:

    That is not hijacking, PJ, that is just adding another thread — all good.

    The Oblates involved a) helped him leave Canada and return to Belgium when as a convicted pedofile, EDJ was charged again in a Canadian court of law; b) gave EDJ shelter in their Belgian villa — this lasted for about 16 years; c) assisted him once he was expelled from Belgium and returned to Canada to face his accusers; d) fought charges from (most) Igoolik complainants in a Iqaluit court of law; e) did an about-face and admitted to the charges from the Edmonton complainants — shortly thereafter.

    The Oblates involved were enablers of evil and they abandoned the powerless. These Oblates did not factor in the determination and outrage of a few journalists/reporters and a small number of activists. Sylvia is an unsung hero in this saga. She is too modest to claim her role.

    The outcome: Eric Dejaeger was sentenced – again and again – he has admitted some of his vile misdeeds, and the cowardice of the Oblates involved remains for all to see.

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