“GUILTY”: Three more Dejaeger victims in Edmonton

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Ex priest, Oblate and serial molester Eric Dejaeger pleaded guilty in the Iqaluit courthouse today to four charges related to the sex abuse of three young people, male and female,  between 1975 and 1978 in the Edmonton Alberta.    At  that time Dejager, who had arrived in Canada from his native Belgium in 1974, was a seminarian studying at Newman Theological College in  Edmonton, Alberta. He was ordained in 1978.  After ordination he served as an Oblate priest in Canada’s North.  Dejaeger has left countless victims in his since his arrival in Canada.  He was convicted in 199o,  and again 1991.  In 1995 he fled the country for Belgium when faced with new charges – he was deported in 2011 and eventually faced 80 more charges related to sex abuse of young people in Nunavut.  The charges included those bestiality

The Edmonton charges were laid in Edmonton.  For years the Edmonton victims thought there would be a trial in Edmonton, – always waiting and waiting for things to wrap up  in Iqaluit so that the process which started in Edmonton could continue.  It was only in the last several months that they learned that the charges would be handled in Iqaluit.

Need I say that the  damage this perverted human being has done here in Canada is immense. Immense.

Dejaeger will return to court at 1:30 pm 22 October 2015 for sentencing.

I earnestly hope and pray that the Crown pushes for sentencing for these Edmonton crimes to run consecutive – NOT concurrent – to the 11 years Dejaeger is currently serving.

And, a final note for the night, well done to all three victims who found the  courage to come forward four years ago and have waited and waited all these  years to see justice done!

My thoughts and prayers at this time are with ALL Dejaeger’s victims, those who found the courage to go to police, and the many who remain fearful and ashamed or afraid to come forward.

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4 Responses to “GUILTY”: Three more Dejaeger victims in Edmonton

  1. Erik the Awful says:

    So Erik the Awful will soon be sentenced to more time — to be served in a southern Canadian prison. Wonder if it will be in Manitoba, where his Oblate protectors can bring him cookies and sympathy.

  2. 1yellowknife says:

    Just read the Nunatsiaq News report on the agreed upon statement of facts of the abuse of Edmonton children by Eric Dejaeger. The facts confirm what the Igloolik and Baker Lake victims have been saying all along.

    This mass rapist will be a risk to others until the day he dies.

  3. 1yellowknife says:

    Will there be victim impact statements from the Edmonton survivors? If so, it would be good to see these published on this widely read, credible site.

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