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Has anyone heard any news regarding the Father Yvon Arsenault Preliminary Hearing which was scheduled for this past Tuesday (23 June 2015)? I have been unable to find any coverage, but there may well be something in the French papers.  If anyone sees anything please post a  comment with the news, or send me an email.

(Under normal circumstances I would call the courthouse tomorrow to find out if in fact the Preliminary hearing proceeded as scheduled, and if it did, if the judge rendered or reserved  his/her decision, however, we are off to the States tomorrow to visit our daughter and her family so will be unable to check until the first week of July after our return.)


The last little while has been hectic.  Days have been filled taking care of a multitude of things, including a number of long overdue appointments :(.  I still, for goodness sake, have flats of bedding plants lined up in the front yard waiting to be planted!  They’ve been sitting there for the past three weeks –  they’re starting to look pretty pathetic – don’t think they will survive another week.  )

Anyway, the yard has had to wait – it will be made presentable after our return.

There is lots happening, just no time to post.   For now, here are a few external links, all dealing with testimony at Northern Ireland’s  Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry:

Northern Ireland: Cardinal Sean Brady admits ‘shroud of secrecy’ over historic sex abuse cases

Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: Cardinal Seán Brady admits ‘shroud of secrecy’ over Church sex abuse inquiry 

Historical abuse inquiry: Cardinal Brady admits ‘shroud of secrecy’ over sex abuse investigations: Cardinal Brady issues ‘unreserved apology’ to all those abused by Fr Brendan Smyth

Smyth victims take legal action against Gardaí: Victims of the paedophile priest Brendan Smyth have said they will be taking legal action against An Garda Síochána.

As I say, I will be visiting family in States for next weekend – all being well will be back 06 July.  Yes, I will keep tabs on Sylvia’s Site while I’m away – will at the very least moderate comments, but anticipate the days during this somewhat belated visit will be full 🙂

We are leaving at 04:30 am so must call it a day and get a few winks.  The car is packed and ready to go 🙂

Enough for now,


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