The two Brothers of Christian Instruction in the SMIS chapel identified

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News regarding two priest and one Brother of Christian Instruction:

(1)  Father Robyn Gwyn (Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario)

Father  Robyn Gwyn has committed to stand trial on the Ontario Superior  Court of Justice.  The files are currently in the process of being transferred from Provincial to Superior Court of Justice.  It will be about a week before I can  get the next date for trial.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Saint Mary’s International School

Some time ago I said that I would disclose the name of the other Brother who, according to “Jacob Bernstein” also sodomised him in the SMIS chapel in 1965.  A statement has been posted which details in part Jacob’s allegations against the two Brothers of Christian Instruction, Brother Lawrence Lambert and  Brother Marcel/Claude Villeneuve fic

2014 :  Statement re abuse by Brothers Marcel Villeneuve fic & Lawrence Lambert fic

 Please keep Jacob in your prayers.

There are still more bits and pieces to post about the SMIS sex abuse scandal and coverup to post.  I shall carry on a bit at a time.

(3)  Father Stephen Amesse (Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario)

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast sj is appointing a new pastor to replace Father Amesse at St. Patrick’s in Fallowfield:

22 May 2015:   Archbishop Prendergast to St. Patrick, Fallowfield parishioners re Father Amesse and new full-time pastor

The archbishop makes reference to “the unanticipated long delay in bringing this situation to a conclusion…”

Does anyone know what the archbishop means by that?  Father Amesse was charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of sexual interference December 2014.  There is a preliminary hearing booked for 21 December 2015.  Most cases in Ontario take at least two years to go to trial (or 11th hour guilty plea).  As far as I can tell Father Amesse’s case lumbering through the court system as could be expected, if not perhaps a tad faster?

Anyway, Father Amesse’s days as pastor at St. Patrick’s in Fallowfield are over, at least for now.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Yesterday I posted several articles and a document regarding the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which just released it’s report and recommendations regarding abuse of children at the Residential Schools.  If you didn’t check and see them on NEW to the site, here they are:

02 June 2015:  “Canada’s residential schools cultural genocide, Truth and Reconciliation commission says” & related articles

02 June 2015:  Truth and Reconciliation Commission Press Release 02 June 2015

Truth and Reconciliation Commission “Calls to Action”

The report itself is online.  It is large  – too large to post.  I had hoped  by now to have had opportunity to read through at least the Calls to Action.  Not yet 🙁


There’s no lack of fuss and media coverage regarding Cardinal George Pell and the Australian Royal Commission.  Here is a small sampling:

04 June 2015:  “Papal abuse commission steers clear of Pell-Saunders dispute” & related article

Enough for now,


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  1. AnnaG says:

    Pentecost….is the birth of the church. What an odd acclamation to make how before slipping smoothly into his discussion about this seemingly simple reappointment matter of…Amasse. Not so simple perhaps? According to Pendergast archbishop of Ottawa….the old master….in some circles, you need say no more. How my heart goes out to anyone still under this man.s grip! I can’t say more, but, follow the ordination thread. He is slick. How do these guys get ordained, and who knows what, what deals are made? He is a player, a ring leader. Many reading this board will know what this means. The sick follow the sick. May there be justice for the victims of this power abuse.

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