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The computer gremlins are at it again 🙁  If yo have been trying to post a comment and found that instead of posting the cimmenbt when you hit the “submit: button you were transferred to the Cornwall Public Inquiry website, you are not alone.

I tried to post a comment for someone earlier in the day.  No luck.  Try as I might, even I am unable to find a way to post a comment oin my own website without winding up at  The Inquiry website!

There is absolutely nothing I can do to fix thus,  Sometimes I can find ways to  work around it, but, not this time 🙁


So, my web host over in Sweden has been notified.  Hopefully the  problem l will be rectified soon.


The current Bishop of Ballarat, Paul Berg,  will be testifying shortly  at the Australian Royal Commission hearings in Ballart .  The live-streamed hearings begin at 10 am AEST (29 May) and 8 pm EST (28 May). Click here to access the website  (they’re a little late, but should be starting any minute now)

Will he try to circle the wagons, as did Alexandria-Cornwall’s Bishop Paul Andre Durocher at the Cornwall Public Inquiry back in 2006?  will he turn himself inside out to defend the  indefensible actions of his predecessor,as  did Durocher of Bishop Eugene Larocuqe?

We shall see…

Ballarat, I must say, reminds me a  lot of Cornwall.

Enough for now,




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