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Day One of the scheduled two-day sex abuse trial of Father Charles Picot starts tomorrow in Bathurst, New Brunswick:

26 May 2015:  09:30 am, TRIAL, Bathurst New Brunswick courthouse (254 St. Patrick Street)

This is Father Picot’s fourth sex abuse trial.  Yes, fourth.  And yes, sad to say, despite two convictions he’s still a priest in the Roman Catholic Churc!.

He is currently charged with  two counts of indecent assault, one count of gross indecency, and one count of sexual assault.  The charges were laid November 2013

I encourage those who can do so to please attend.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.  I also ask you to remember all of Father Picot’s victims – it is a difficult time for all of them.

As always, please pass along news of what happens in court as well as links to media coverage.


I will check tomorrow for the next courtdates for Brother Jean-Paul Thibault fndm and Nathan Labatt


Much earlier int he day I mentioned attempting to post an interview with ex-priest Paul David Ryan.  The interview was conducted by staff from the Australian Royal Commission which is currently conducting hearings in Ballarat.

Well, it just didn’t work.  There were parts oft he converted pdf file which were just fine. but there was also a lot of text which was a jumble.  I started work to fix it up, but after about an hour of that decided I would be at it forever.  So, I have posted an external link to the document.  That works just as was well right now, and will continue to work as long at the Royal Commission website is up and running.  If and when the commission decides to remove documents or shut down its website the link will be dead.  That’s why I prefer to download and post such documents on Sylvia’ Site.

Anyway,  on to the matter of the Royal Commission and ex-priest Paul David Ryan.

First, click here to access the Broken Rites Australia website for further information on Father Paul David Ryan.  As you see, he was shuttled to and fro across the ocean,  was molesting from the time he was ordained, and was known to be a molester for many years

Now on to the interview.  This is Paul David Ryan’s explanation and excuses:

25 February 2015:  Transcript of Private Hearing of Paul David Ryan (External Link)

If you read through to the end you will see that it looks as though Ryan will be called to testify at the hearings.  If that’s the case, his testimony will, as with that of all witnesses, be live-streamed

And, here are a few documents which have been entered into evidence which relate to Paul David Ryan’s years as a predatory priest:

01 February 1977: Father Harvey to Bishop Mulkearns re Father Paul David Ryan

11 April 1978:   Father John Harvey to Bishop Mulkearns re Father Paul David Ryan (suggest only need reveal to another bishop that Ryan was under care of a therapist and a spiritual director)

19 April 1979:  Bishop Mulkearns to Father Paul David Ryan (re Fr. Ryans’s request to return to States)

17 March 1980:   Father Paul Ryan to Bishop Mulkearns (Fr. Ryan didn’t get position with ICEL, returning to Autralia – would like to teach)

01 August 1985:   Father Ryan in Dayton Ohio to Bishop Mulkearns (Fr Ryan seems to have been studying liturgy – talks of a young 16-year-old he was helping – is perhaps close to returning to Australia)

16 August 1985:  Bishop Mulkearns to Father Paul David Ryan in States (Bishop would be glad to see Father Ryan return to Ballarat)

09 August 1995: Father  Perkins Richmond Virginia  Diocese to Bishop Mulkearns re sex abuse allegations against Father Ryan dating  in Richmond Diocese dating to late 70s (Parish priest was informed.  Fr. Ryan offered money and threatened one boy to silence him)

13 November 2006:  Bishop Connors to Cardinal Levada requesting laicization for Father Paul Ryan who is currently in jail – also reference to one victim who committed suicide

19 December 2006:  Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to Bishop Conners asking for further documentation and request he ask Father Ryan to request laicization

30 January 2007:  Bishop Conners to Father Ryan asking that he request laicization – also regrets unable to meet since Conners became bishop in July ’97

12 January 2012:  Bishop Conners to Cardinal William Levada asking how to proceed to have Father Ryan laicized


As I write I have had the the Royal Commission hearing in Ballart running in the background and Father Adrian McInerney has been testifying.  The listening and watching is a painful experience!

Father Adrian McInerney looks no more like a priest than my husband.  There is no clerical collar to give him away, – nothing to give anyone a hint that he just might indeed by a Roman Catholic priest.  And, he is quite happy to be called “Adrian.”  Just plain old Adrian.

It’s not as though Father McInerney is testifying as a molester and therefore fears that his collar might be a reminder that he is still a priest and an insult to all victims and Roman Catholics.  No, he’s a parish priest who at some time  was Secretary to the Ballarat Bishop. Why no collar?

Was anyone per chance watching when Father was asked to explain what “celibacy” and “chastity” are?

Pathetic.  Just totally pathetic.  I am going to dig that nonsense out of the transcripts tomorrow . I could not believe my ears.  Such gobbledegook spewing from the mouth of a priest.

But, all being well,  I shall continue to watch.  There is much to be learned – mainly reminders that defence lawyers and Canon lawyers are defence lawyers and canon lawyers from one side of the world to the other.  In fact, as a little tid bit of trivia, quite  a number of Australian clergy come right here to St. Paul’s University in Ottawa, Ontario to study Canon Law.

After watching the stammering and stuttering from one continent to another I think we can safely conclude that these priests and religious do not take the stand without being ‘well prepped’ by defence lawyers and canon lawyers.  And well prepped includes repetition of as many  ‘I don’t recall’ s as are required to try to legally save face, hides and dollars.

The commission has taken a break for lunch (11 pm EST) and will resume at or around midnight EST.


Yes, I will be getting back to the Brothers of Christian Instruction and St. Mary’s International School.  There is more to report.  The last few days have been fraught with computer, software and website issues.  Gremlins everywhere.  I don;t think I’m out of the woods yet, but at least things are working right now 🙂

Enough for nwo,


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