Trial Tuesday

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There are two courtdates tomorrow (Monday, 25 May 2015)

(1)  Brother Jean-Paul Thibault fndm

The Catholic Brother with the Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy and former teacher at a private boarding school in the Diocese of Saint Hyacynthe, Quebec. was charged 17 March 2015 with indecent assault, sexual assault and incitement to sexual touching while in a position of authority:

25 May 2015:   Saint-Hyacinthe courthouse, 1550, rue Dessaulles, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Sorry, I don’t have the start time.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.  If you seen any reports of the outcome please send along a link.

(2)  Nathan Labatt

The former youth volunteer with Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry. charged February 2015 sexual exploitation, invitation to sexual touching, and possession of child pornography has a courtdate:

25 May 2015:   10 am,  Humboldt courthouse, Humboldt, Sask (805 8th Avenue)

Will Labattt’s lawyer appear in person this time?  or will be it be another phone call?

We shall see…

Please pass on any news you happen upon regarding the outcome.


Father Charles Picot, a predatory priest with the the Diocese of Bathurst, New Brunswick, is back to TRIAl on Tuesday.

Picot has been tried three times:  convicted twice and acquitted once.  He is now facing his fourth set of charges.  These charges of two counts of indecent assault, one count of gross indecency, and one count of sexual assault were laid November 2013

Those of you in the Bathrust area who have been able to attend the Picot trials in the past please do your best to be there to support the complainant .   The trial is scheduled for two days (25-26 May 2015)

09:30 am, TRIAL, Bathurst New Brunswick courthouse (254 St. Patrick Street)

Please keep the complainants and victims in your prayers.


The Australian Royal Commission hearings into the Institutional response to Child  Sexual Abuse hearings got under way for the second week of  the Ballart hearings this week.

I had planned to watch some of the hearings this evening, but by the time I turned it on it had wrapped up for the day 🙁

I will try to sort out what is happening for Tuesday’s hearings.

Enough for now,


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