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The following have been posted as updates on the Australian Royal Commission’s current hearings in Ballarat:

21 May 2015:  “‘Pell a bully’: David Ridsdale” & related articles

20 May 2015:  Full text of statement from Cardinal George Pell (20 May 2015)

Yes, I did mange to watch parts of the hearing last night, but must admit that at  times nodded off , not at all because of the nature of the testimony, but just because it was getting a little too late for me 🙁  However, before the first witness took the stand  I was intrigued by an exchange between a Mr. Peter Gray,  the lawyer representing witnesses from the Catholic Church at the inquiry,  and the Commissioner.  I had difficulty catching the thread of the conversation because of initial problems with the live streaming, so was keen today to see what it was all about.  It turns out that it related to a decision taken Gray and whomever assists, advises and/or instructs him or whatever,  NOT to cross-examine witnesses.  And, of course, on  the heels of that bizarre and, in light of the circumstances from my perspective,  illogical decision, along came the  damning testimony of  David Ridsdale (““I want to know what it will take to keep you quiet.”) which evoked NO cross examination but, in the mere twinkle of an eye did evoke the above statement by Cardinal George Pell !

This really is bizarre!  So, I’m going through the transcripts to sort out exactly what was said over the past few days regarding Gray NOT cross-examining witnesses, particularly knowing as he and Cardinal Pell did that at least two witnesses at the Ballarat hearings would give testimony which would definitely  put the Cardinal in a less than favourable light.

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